G.I. Joe Adds Brendan Fraser!

G.I. Joe director Stephen Sommers worked with Brendan Fraser on both Mummy films, and now Fraser has confirmed that he's appearing in the movie as Gung Ho. Okay, this is getting really cool; I think Fraser is a good action actor, and how could he not appear in a Sommers' film?

On the tech front, /Film is reporting that nanotechnology is being featured in the film as well, in the form of "accelerator suits," which sounds like Iron Man-style armor. Other gadgets that nanotech is finding its way into includes nano-bomb that Cobra Commander uses; Neo-Vipers, Destro's team; the ability to turn invisible; and Destro's mask is made up of "nano-mites." I hope the tech doesn't make the movie cheesy.

G.I. Joe opens summer 2009 from Paramount Pictures.

Sources: Latino Review and /Film

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