No Surprise: G.I. Joe 2 is Definitely In The Works

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra managed to take in $100 million at the worldwide box office including a better-than-expected take of $56.2 million domestically. And although the film cost upwards of $300 million to make and market (and word of mouth hasn't exactly been all that glowing), this first-week victory seems to have been substantial enough for Paramount to absolutely move forward with a $equel.

Now, we reported before that G.I. Joe 2 was happening, but the LA Times was the first to confirm it: the paper scored a quote from Paramount Pictures vice chairman Rob Moore stating that the sequel "will soon go into development." The report further indicated that Rise of Cobra's lead actors are all obligated to return for another film, although director Stephen Sommers - who has been the center of some controversy over this film - is not.

Those who have seen G.I. Joe already know (for the most part) that the film miraculously succeeds in being enjoyable, even though it screws the pooch in just about every area possible - script, acting, uneven f/x, etc. Moore hinted to the LA Times that the studio is thinking that next time out, G.I. Joe will be marketed as more of a family-friendly film, as that seems to be strongest demographic (read: kids who don't care about dialogue and parents who are at least semi-entertained) that is turning out to see the movie.

For those paying attention, you'll remember that Rise of Cobra was rushed into production (including the drafting of the so-called script) in anticipation of the WGA Strike, which effectively crippled Hollywood in late 2007 through early 2008. Will a G.I. Joe sequel turn out more cohesive and polished given proper time to develop? We'll find out.

For now: what do you think about G.I. Joe 2 already being given the go? Did you enjoy Rise of Cobra? Or are you tearing at your hair, wishing that the madness would end here.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is now in theaters.

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Source: LA Times

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