G.I. Joe 2 Coming In 2012?

Hasbro CEO Talks G.I. Joe 2

MTV caught up with G.I. Joe producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura this past week and was informed that G.I. Joe 2 could begin production in the spring of 2011 with the intention of making its way into theaters during the Summer Blockbuster Season of 2012.

Now - much like this past winter's Sherlock Holmes - the first G.I. Joe film contained more than a few plot details that set the stage for future installments based off the Hasbro toyline and popular 1980s cartoon of the same name - the final scene in both films were literally teasers for events that would transpire in the sequels.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra ended up being the hit that the filmmakers behind the project were clearly hoping for, grossing over $300 million worldwide in theaters.  Even though G.I. Joe 2 has been a foregone conclusion, the only concrete detail to emerge about the sequel is that it will be scripted by the writers of the hit horror-comedy, Zombieland.

Besides mentioning the possible spring 2011 start for filming G.I. Joe 2 and its potential 2012 summer release date, Bonaventura unfortunately had little to say about the film, as he claimed that information about the screenplay and which G.I. Joe cast members might return was being kept under wraps "for the moment."

G.I. Joe

Bonaventure did indicate that the technology and weaponry that will be on display in G.I. Joe 2 would be something original and - hopefully - creative in its own right.

"You always want to evolve things forward. We're not just going to settle for the same weaponry or the same toys that we had before — I mean that more in a military sense than in a kid sense.  I think 's part of the component of "G.I. Joe." are those advanced technologies — what can they do and how do they work? — and just some fun to the gizmos.  It's part of that brand."

Will a cohesive plot and all-around more memorable characters be part of G.I. Joe 2 as well?  Possibly, given the writing talent involved in the project - although, if director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy Returns, Van Helsing) is back in the director's chair again, I might not count on it.

I should also mention that although G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was a financial success, it was also an expensive undertaking (with a $175 million production budget) and a film that - arguably - failed to excite moviegoers for future adventures involving super soldiers and the mindless destruction of foreign monuments like the Eiffel Tower.

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Finally, if G.I. Joe 2 does make its way into theaters in Summer 2012, it'll have to face such guaranteed box-office behemoths like The Avengers and Batman 3 - among others, that is.  Will it end up getting lost in the fray of other, more-anticipated sequels and franchise pics?

We'll keep you updated on G.I. Joe 2 - including news about whether it'll board the 3D bandwagon - as additional news about its development rolls in.

Source: MTV

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