Ghostbusters Trailer Made Better By Fan Re-Edit

Sony finally unveiled the full trailer for its upcoming Paul Feig directed reboot of Ghostbusters. The reaction to the trailer has been mixed at best. While the original 1984 Ghostbusters was by no means a film meant to be taken too seriously, many felt the humor featured in the reboot's trailer was overly silly and sometimes bordered on presenting itself more as a light-hearted parody of the Ghostbusters franchise than an addition to its legacy.

One such person who felt that way seems to be YouTube user Mike Colver, who took it upon himself to drastically re-edit the trailer in a way that will likely serve to please those who found themselves let down by the official version. Instead of being set to a slowed-down piano rendition of the original Ghostbusters theme song, Colver goes for a more upbeat tone, setting the proceedings to the rocking guitar remix that opened the 1990s cartoon Extreme Ghostbusters. The music change immediately lends a more action-oriented vibe to the trailer, and should serve to get the adrenaline of any Ghostbusters fan pumping.

Continuing with that theme, the new edit is comprised entirely of quick cut clips set to music, and completely omits all the dialogue and jokey banter exchanged by the new team. Whether that is a positive change or not will of course depend on one's particular appreciation for the writing style of Paul Feig and his penchant for letting his cast improvise back and forth exchanges. As it stands, the fan edit maintains a focus on spotlighting the ghost encounters and other exciting scenes from the trailer, while ignoring the humor that seems to have been largely hit-and-miss with audiences.

Ghostbusters 2016

All that said, the fan-edited trailer doesn't entirely feel complete, if only because it doesn't really provide any context to the characters on-screen. Clearly this group of four are Ghostbusters, but beyond that we learn nothing about the personalities of these women or their relationship to one another. In that respect, the fan edit feels more like a teaser trailer than a final one.

Love Sony's trailer or hate it, at least it gives fans a better idea of the people they expect us to spend two hours watching. On the other hand, one could also argue that it gives too much away plot-wise, including the fact that Melissa McCarthy will at some point get possessed by a ghost and attempt to murder one of her colleagues. Perhaps a blend of the two trailer styles would be the best solution, as either extreme seems to be lacking something.

Trailers are an odd duck nowadays, with the debut of a new trailer for a big release being promoted as an event in and of itself. In the end, though, a trailer is only a small glimpse of what a film has to offer. Great films have had bad trailers, and bad films have had trailers good enough to dupe unsuspecting moviegoers into a darkened theater on opening weekend. The world will find out just how accurate Ghostbusters' trailer is this summer.

Ghostbusters will open in U.S. theaters on July 15, 2016.

Source: Mike Colver

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