Ghostbusters Early Reactions Are Positive; New Clips & TV Spots

Ghostbusters (2016) poster and TV spots

Sony Pictures is expected to lift the press embargo on director Paul Feig's remake of Ghostbusters on Sunday July 10, at which point we'll finally begin to get an idea of how Summer 2016's most-controversial blockbuster will actually play out on release. While much-hyped by its studio and filmmakers, the project has faced both stiff criticism from its inception over the decision to remake (rather than create a sequel to) one of the most widely-loved comedies of all time as well as an outpouring of vitriol from a vocal minority of fans who object to the idea of an all-female lead cast. And while plenty of other fans have been hopeful for the film, the prevailing opinion has been that the film's marketing has thus far underwhelmed.

Now, a set of new TV spots and two official clips have dropped offering a better look at the remake, along with early positive reactions that have begun to hit social media.

While it's unclear how many members of the press or industry professionals have seen Ghostbusters in advance of the embargo drop (the film is scheduled for U.S. release on July 15) the movie has begun to show. And while no full reviews have been published a number of comedians (including Patton Oswalt) and journalists have shared brief reactions on social media which, so far, have trended largely positive:

Just saw an early screening of GHOSTBUSTERS. It's fun. It's scary. It's terrific. Stay 'til after the credits.

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) July 7, 2016

Just saw my friemd @Lesdoggg in @Ghostbusters and tears came 2 my eyes. I know ur journey. Congrats. #grind #funny

— David A. Arnold (@DavidAArnold) July 7, 2016

Just saw the new "Ghostbusters." I liked it better than the original! And I saw the first one like 75 times. #iaintafraid

— Jennifer Brett (@JenBrettAJC) July 7, 2016

While the film has engendered strong (sight unseen) reactions from many corners, the most consistent criticism from fans and detractors alike so far has been a series of underwhelming trailers and other advertisements. These trailer have been criticized for being overly focused on slapstick and loud improv gags as opposed to the clever dialogue and offbeat supernatural storytelling that characterized the iconic original film. A pair of newer spots, while maintaining the frenetic pace and tone that have characterized many of Feig's previous films, show off a slightly larger picture of what the film might be (along with a quick cameo from original Ghostbusters creator/star Dan Aykroyd).

Also dropping today are two full clips from the feature, the first of which shows off the interplay between the Ghostbusters themselves and their secretary Kevin (an attractive but hopelessly dim nitwit played by Chris Hemsworth) while the second demonstrates a portion of a battle sequence between the heroes and several hostile ghosts, where we get a look at a more aggressive use of proton-stream weapons to not only ensnare enemies but also throw them around.

However the finished film plays out, the debate over Ghostbusters is unlikely to subside. Whether or not the film stands up on its own merits, a remake can't avoid being compared to its own predecessor - and few modern comedies can match the pedigree of the original film.

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Ghostbusters opens in U.S. theaters on July 15th, 2016.

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