Ghostbusters: Original Composer Calls New Theme Song 'Interesting'

Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr

The remake of Ghostbusters is just a week from release now, with an all-female team and no shortness of controversy. With Paul Feig (Spy) directing, the film is set to star Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones as the titular heroes of film reboot of Ivan Reitman's 1984 Ghostbusters.

Ray Parker Jr. wrote the original film's Grammy-winning theme song. Begging the question "Who you gonna call?" the tune may be even more prolific than the movie it celebrates. Naturally, the theme's reimagining for next week's Ghostbusters reboot was going to be under intense scrutiny, but it received a mixed-at-best response when Sony released it to the public last month. Titled "I'm Not Afraid," the new song was written by Fall Out Boy and features Missy Elliott.

Inside Edition recently asked Parker Jr. how he felt about the cover of his previous work. "Interesting," he responded. "I'm not going to say it's good or bad. I'm just gonna say well maybe I'm an old guy now and I like it the old way." Additionally, he spoke more at length about his feelings on the new Ghostbusters theme song:

I wished they had called me to maybe work with some of the younger guys and help them get a direction. Because some of the main things that you should do with the music to a film like that, some of the young guys just didn’t do that at all.

Ghostbusters Reboot

When asked how he felt about the remake's all female cast, he seemed more firmly positive. "I think it's a natural progression,” he said. “Look at all of the excitement it's generated this year.

Considering how many members the original cast and crew are involved in the reboot, it is a bit odd that Parker Jr. wasn't asked to assist with the music. He's such an integral part of what made the original an iconic film classic, that even a cameo - in voice or in person - would have seemed appropriate. On the flip side, it could be argued that since a large portion of his tune and lyrics are part of the new song, he already had his chance to contribute by writing the original theme.

It would certainly be interesting to see what a modernized version of the song would have sounded like with Parker Jr.'s contribution. While he himself admits his sensibilities may be a bit old-fashioned, it's not like the original song was popular for being cutting edge or serious. Perhaps if the reboot is popular enough to spawn a sequel, he'll get the chance to contribute to the new new theme song.

Ghostbusters hits U.S. theaters July 15, 2016.

Source: Inside Edition

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