Ghostbusters Gag Reel & B-Roll Footage Released [UPDATED]

Ghostbusters (2016) gag reel - HEADER only

[UPDATE: Sony has pulled the Ghostbusters gag reel/B-roll footage for the time being.]


Director Paul Feig (Spy) still has quite the task ahead of him leading up to the release of his hotly contested Ghostbusters reboot - which is due out for domestic release in theaters next month. Regardless of the fact that the new movie is currently tracking to generate $40-50 million over the course of its opening weekend, the film has also been the center of a lot of upset from some die-hard fans of the paranormal-comedy franchise; with its first official trailer becoming the most disliked movie trailer on YouTube of all time.

With all of that potential unrest standing directly behind the forthcoming major motion picture, the film's cast (which includes Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones) appear to be ready to confront any preemptive naysayers with a movie that promises to please. On that note, the new Ghostbusters reboot has just seen the release of its official gag reel and b-roll which should serve to reassure those not already on board that the film's cast is ready to deliver comedy gold.

In the footage featured above, Wiig, McCarthy, McKinnon, Jones, and the rest of the cast and crew can be seen off-guard on the set of Feig's new movie. Replete with plenty of prat-falls, flubbed lines, and general silliness, this compilation of behind the scenes footage should serve to establish the fact that the new Ghostbusters reboot is prepared to please audiences of all kinds (including those viewers who grew up on the original films from the 1980s).

Kristen Wiig & Melissa McCarthy in Ghostbusters

Following recent statements made by Sony Pictures chairman that all of the unrest surrounding the Ghostbusters reboot should be seen as the "greatest thing that ever happened," those who are on board for the new movie should be sure by now that the new movie is aiming to please. Even if Feig's film fails to live up to all of the inherent magic of the original film of 1984, it's more likely than not that Wiig, McCarthy, McKinnon, and Jones will elicit at least a few smiles from general moviegoers when production finally sees theatrical release this July.

It remains to be seen just what kind of legacy the Ghostbusters reboot will leave in its wake some ten years down the road, but for now optimism seems to be the tone that the film's cast and crew is taking in the face of some significant skepticism. With any luck, Feig and company will surprise viewers the world over with a paranormal-comedy more than worthy of its eponymously inherited legacy.

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Ghostbusters will see theatrical release in the U.S. on July 15, 2016.

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