'Ghostbusters': First Look at Chris Hemsworth in Costume

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While both the hype train and the hate train continue to chug along for it at full speed, production on Paul Feig's upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters continues unabated. Recent news surrounding the film has revealed that at least two of the original cast members are returning in as-yet-undisclosed roles/cameo appearances, which has opened up a whole new avenue of discussion about the film.

Meanwhile, although it was announced in June that Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, would be joining the film as the team's receptionist Kevin, an image giving audiences a better idea of just what kind of character the usually beefy actor would be playing has been sorely lacking.

Now, thanks to a new set photo posted by Just Jared, audiences can now catch a somewhat blurry glimpse of Kevin, and gauge the level of Hemsworth's geekiness.

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Chris Hemsworth was seen in his full #Ghostbusters costume today! See the photos now:

— (@JustJared) August 17, 2015

As you can see from the image in question, it appears to have been taken during a scene involving Hemsworth's character riding a motorcycle, while wearing the full Ghostbusters uniform worn by the main team. Hemsworth is also rocking a nice pair of Janine Melnitz-style glasses, suggesting that Kevin might be some sort of a gender-flipped version of Annie Potts' classic character.

The role of Kevin the receptionist represents a break from the norm for Hemsworth, an actor best known for playing macho men and Asgardian gods. It'll be interesting to see what Hemsworth does with the type of comedy Feig is known for, as the number of straight comedies on his resume can be counted on one hand.

Can Hemsworth be wacky? Or will the often stoic superhero play the straight man to forces of comedic nature like Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig? The silly grin on Hemsworth's face suggests the former, assuming these photos weren't snapped between takes.

Of course, one wonders how well this role will sit with Hemsworth's fanbase. The level of contention already garnered by the still-unfinished film is palpable, and whether one agrees with that sentiment or not, Hemsworth might end up taking some damage to his geek bonafides, should the film turn out badly. Damage which would of course magically evaporate when the next Thor film comes out. Not even fandom grudges trump the all-powerful box-office tractor beam known as Marvel Studios.

Sadly for Marvel fans, the buttoned-down Hemsworth doesn't look likely to whip out Mjolnir and go to town on some spooks any time soon. Although, having Thor around would probably prove to be helpful to Wiig and company. After all, he'd be the only member of the team that could truthfully respond to the question "Are you a god?" in the affirmative.

Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 15th, 2016.

Source: Just Jared

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