Ghostbusters Promo Video Introduces the New Ecto-1

Kristen Wiig & Melissa McCarthy in Ghostbusters

In the lead up to the theatrical release of writer/director Paul Feig's Ghostbusters reboot later next month, many fans of the iconic paranormal/comedy franchise are no doubt eager to get a closer look at some of the anti-ghost tech the team will be using. Coming fresh off the release of the latest international trailer and original castmember and property co-creator Dan Aykroyd's effusive praise of the new movie, things are looking up behind the scenes of the hotly contested new film.

Despite the unavoidable tide of negative backlash against the film's premiere trailer and basic premise, the cast of the new Ghostbusters appear ready to defend the film against any and all naysayers, with co-star Melissa McCarthy calling out the film's supposed critics most recently. On that note, and given the fact that it is Ghostbusters Day today, the latest video from behind the scenes of the new movie should serve to stoke the fires of fan anticipation (or trepidation) even more.

The video featured above gives viewers their first look at the brand new Ecto-1 to be featured in Feig's reboot, which will see the ambulatory vehicle of the original film of 1986 traded in for a heavily modded and customized Cadillac Hearse. With a little help from co-star Leslie Jones' fictitious Uncle, Ghostbusters is all set to reimagine the famous paranormal investigators vehicle for a whole new generation of viewers.

Kristen Wiig & Melissa McCarthy in Ghostbusters

With the new and old cast members all set to meet together for the first time in celebration of Ghostbusters Day tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, those few outliers who might still wish to find fault with the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot might be more willing to change their minds in due time. After taking a look at the brand new Ecto-1 from Feig's film, perhaps even the most hardened of potential critics might yet find themselves warming to the inherent love of the franchise to be readily found in the making of the new movie.

Only time will tell whether or not Feig's Ghostbusters pans out and delivers on all of the innate promise of its eponymous brand. Either way, here's to hoping that the new Ecto-1 delivers plenty of ghost-kicking action and hyperbolic comedy in style when the film finally reaches theaters in the US and around the world later this July.      

Ghostbusters will see theatrical release in the US on July 15, 2016.

Source: Columbia Pictures

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