More News & Rumors For 'Ghostbusters 3'

With Halloween soon approaching, it seems as though this week we are overrun with new information regarding what the status is of Ghostbusters 3. While some of it may be new information, one has to sift through a majority of regurgitated old information as well as general speculation to find it. This week is no different as we bring you news (and rumors) on the status of our favorite paranormal exterminators from Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ivan Reitman.

We've got Reitman telling us that it's "more positive than negative", Murray saying that there's no script and, for the first time, Aykroyd being less than optimistic by stating it's all talk until they get green lit and are giving a production number.

There's also this rumor that there's no funding for Ghostbusters 3, but we'll that we'll get to later.

With all of this information, I figured the easiest way to absorb it all would be split it up into their own respective categories.

Ivan Reitman

Last weekend, our favorite producer was in Spain to attend the 42nd Sitges Film Festival and with Ivan Reitman comes Ghostbusters talk, especially after last week when Bloody Disgusting reported that they have (in some way) confirmed that he is "100% committed" to direct the Ghostbusters threequel. While he has yet to confirm or deny that report, he did have some have some tid-bits for us fans to speculate on.

"For the first time possibilities are more positive than negative. Before we needed some twist to be able to make it, now if there isn't any other major change we will do it. It's never easy to bring all these people to an agreement on something, but now there's a script, a definitive one, complete and approved."

Continuing to add fuel to Aykroyd's statements last week that all of the original cast will be involved, Reitman comments on our beloved tenant whose hobbies include floating above her covers... Four feet above her covers!

"The project needs the presence of everyone, including Sigourney Weaver!"

While Sigourney Weaver had initially declined to be a part of this summer's Ghostbusters: The Video Game, she attempted to jump in on the project later on, but since they were too far into production, they weren't able to include her. Sad for us fans, but at least we know she's still interested in playing the part of bass-playing stool sample collector, Dana Barrett.

Those hoping to find out anything about the plot are out of luck as Reitman vows that he "will never tell you what's like." (Sure, he says that know, but let's see how tight lipped he is after I slip him a couple Abe Lincolns in his pocket.)

In hopes to relieve fans that they're looking to make a good movie instead of just a money grab, Reitman touches upon Ghostbusters 2 to explain his intentions with a third film.

"The second movie was some kind of exploitation of the first but was too heavily based on special effects, in that way losing grip on what were the driving forces of the first: characters and jokes. This is something I still regret and now I'd like to pay tribute to those wonderful characters with this new one."

Bill Murray

This week, Mr. Vekeman was in England for the premiere of the upcoming Wes Anderson film, Fantastic Mr Fox and while walking the red carpet, someone must have said the magic word (please) as Murray opens up about the status (or lack their of ) of another Ghostbusters.

"I'll believe it when I see it. I've seen a guy talk about the end of the world a couple of years back, but I haven't seen that either. So, I'm not going to believe the Ghostbusters story until I see the script."

That statement conflicts against other reports which say that all parties have approved of the script. Since Murray is part of the rights holders in Ghostbusters, he has to sign off on it. Although, the general consensus is that he's referring to a green-lit script rather than the existence of one at all.

Still, script aside, Murray doesn't sound like he's all that ready to strap on the proton pack again. Not yet, at least.

"I don't want to do it yet. There's still no script. It's just a bunch of talk. It's just a wish list for someone. Until there's a really good script I'll stay at home and play snooker... There has to be a serious script before I leave the house."

While one may believe that all we need is a green-lit script to get Murray on board, he continues to add that he's going to need more than that before he signs on.

"If it's really good [I'll do it]. It's got to be really good. I'm not going to make one just to make another one. We made a second one, it was ok, but it wasn't as good as the first one."

Blizzamm (made that word up myself. Copyright!), another stab at Ghostbusters 2. All this hating on Ghostbusters 2 is really starting to make me regret taking apart my NES Advantage so that I could pretend to control the Statue of Liberty. (Never did work. Although, to be fair, I was missing the mood slime & Jackie Wilson.)

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