Kurt Fuller Says 'Ghostbusters 3' Shouldn't Be Made; Discusses Bill Murray

It appears that the resident Ghostbusters 3 hold-out, Bill Murray, has added another man to his corner of unassured confidence in a possible threequel for the hit franchise, as Ghostbusters 2 alum Kurt Fuller says that he doesn’t believe Ghostbusters 3 should be made.

We spoke with Ghostbusters 2’s proverbial “pecker” while at Comic-Con about his role of Woody the coroner on the USA hit series Psych, and it appears that Fuller has still not completely taken Peter Venkman’s advice from the Ghostbusters sequel: “Aren’t you supposed to lie to me and kiss my butt?” though some “but kissing” does naturally occur.

Speaking about whether or not Murray will ever sign off on Ghostbusters 3, Fuller says (with a facial expression that can only be made when speaking about the legendary Murray), “I cannot predict what Billy is going to do, you know?” Continuing, Fuller explains: “He’s a brilliant, mercurial, spontaneous dude – and I can easily see him just deciding to do it. But there will be no indication before he does.”

Cutting straight to the heart of the matter, Fuller says what all Ghostbusters fans dread hearing: “I don’t know if there should be a Ghostbusters 3.”

That being said, when asked if he would be interested in coming back for the long-awaited threequel - which Sony was promoting for a 2013 release at a recent licensing expo in London - Fuller pauses, and then says, “Probably. Probably - Yeah. Because [Ghostbusters 2] sort of got my career going and there’s a lot of good people involved.”

You can hear Kurt Fullers thoughts on Ghostbusters 3 in their entirety below:


For those unable to keep up with the Ghostbusters 3 status (as it currently stands), Bill Murray has the script sitting on his desk (he believes that’s where it is, but he’s not sure), but he’s not really interested in reading it.

Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman keeps pressing Murray to read the script; Murray said that probably will as a favor to Reitman, but he’s not exactly enthusiastic with the former head writers of The Office, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, handling the script. This notion becomes even greater when Murray sees their subsequent film releases Year One and Bad Teacher receive not so good reviews.

If you’re wondering why Sony doesn’t just make Ghostbusters 3 without Murray, it’s because Murray is one of the five license-holders for the franchise (Ramis, Aykroyd, Reitman, and Sony are the others) and nothing can happen unless everyone signs off on it – even if Murray doesn’t want to be in it.

Bill Murray: Ghostbusters 3

Murray at the 2010 Spike TV Scream Awards

Even though fans of the franchise hate to hear that Ghostbusters 3 shouldn’t be made, it’s not exactly something that they disagree with. As a self-described Ghostbusters fanatic (I can prove my creditability, if asked), I know that Ghostbusters 3 isn’t going to be as good as the first – or perhaps even the second (which I don’t find as terrible as most).

At this point, the prospect of Ghostbusters 3 isn’t about winning an Academy Award, it’s about rekindling that feeling you had when you first remember watching the Ghostbusters movies, watching The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, eating the Ghostbusters cereal, drinking your Ecto Cooler, going to school with your Ghostbusters lunchbox, and playing with Ghostbusters toys.

It’s all about memories - and even if Eisenberg and Stupnitsky wrote the worst script in the world, there’s nothing that’s going to be able to ruin that feeling when you see the Ghostbusters return in full uniform, proton packs at the ready.

…unless, of course, Ernie Hudson gets shafted in the dialogue department again. But Dan Aykroyd won’t let that happen, right?

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Sony has Ghostbusters 3 slated for a 2013 release; Bill Murray has the script on his desk (he thinks).Psych returns this October on USA

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