'Ghostbusters 3' Rumor: Emma Stone Out, Jonah Hill Still a Maybe

Emma Stone Drops Out of Ghostbusters 3

Ghostbusters 3 has been in the works for nearly 20 years, but only the past ten have seen any real movement on the project - and none of it has been particularly significant. Once it was revealed that Bill Murray wouldn't be involved (for the third time, at least), Internet enthusiasm for the film sort of deflated.

Still, casting rumors have been popping up in the time since, the latest of which involved Superbad stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill possibly reuniting for Ghostbusters 3, playing an "Anna" and a "Jeremy," respectively. Other than the characters' names, nothing is known about the roles, but based on Dan Akyroyd's description of the plot, they probably would be part of the younger generation of Ghostbusters.

However, fans excited by the prospect of seeing Stone and Hill back together again will have to hold out hope for a different project — while there's still no word on Hill's participation, Stone has apparently passed on Ghostbusters 3.

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According to Schmoes Know:

"Emma Stone is passing on 'Anna,' but Jonah Hill still has an offer out for 'Jeremy.'  Interesting enough, Sony wants two big stars signed on or they will not greenlight the picture."

Keep in mind, none of this - including the actors' initial involvement - has been officially confirmed by anyone, so we should take it all with a grain of salt. As far as we know and until we (officially) hear otherwise, these are all rumors.

That said, Emma Stone and Jonah Hill definitely would've fit the bill as "two big stars." Stone's recent successes have been The Help and The Amazing Spider-Man (with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the way), while Jonah Hill has had 21 Jump Street and This Is the End (with The Wolf of Wall Street and 22 Jump Street in the pipeline).

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Of course, it's not surprising that Sony would want big names attached to the film. Without Bill Murray to headline the project, it certainly won't have the same pull that Ghostbusters and even Ghostbusters 2 had. Maybe his absence ended up being the deciding factor for Stone - after all, few young comedic actors are likely going to want to join a movie that the legendary Bill Murray was adamantly against being produced.

If the rumors are true and Stone is off Ghostbusters 3, it's too bad - it would've been nice to see Stone and Hill reunite for the first time onscreen since Superbad, the film that put them both on the map. They almost reunited for 21 Jump Street, but she eventually took Spider-Man instead.

It's unclear where Sony will go from here, but if the studio wants a famous and funny female lead, they could always call up Jennifer Lawrence. All they'd need to do to geek her up is throw a pair of glasses and a ponytail at her.

What do you think about the rumor that Emma Stone has dropped out of Ghostbusters 3? Who would you like to see replace her? Let us know in the comments.


If rumors are true, Ghostbusters 3 could shoot as early as Spring 2014. That is, if it ever gets greenlit.


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