Rumor Patrol: Emma Stone and Jonah Hill Offered Roles in 'Ghostbusters 3'

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in 'Superbad'

Way back in 2008 Screen Rant reported that the already long-gestating sequel Ghostbusters 3 was finally moving forward into production. From there onwards, the rumors and promises and setbacks danced around in a circle for years, and as 2013 begins to draw to a close, there's still no fixed shooting schedule nor any actors attached to it other than writer and producer Dan Aykroyd.

The only reason that we haven't given up on Ghostbusters 3 entirely is Aykroyd's fervent dedication to keeping the home fires burning for it, even after all these years. A major development came at the end of last year when Bill Murray, who has repeatedly spoken out against the idea of making Ghostbusters 3 and declined to star in it, lost the franchise rights and with them the ability to block the film from being put into production.

Most of the updates that we've had over the past year or so have started with the words, "Dan Aykroyd says..." and so to redress the balance a little here is a Ghostbusters 3 rumor from a source that isn't Aykroyd (as far as we know). Schmoes Know, a site that has published casting rumors for Fantastic Four, Terminator 5 and Batman vs. Superman, says that Jonah Hill and Emma Stone (Superbad) have been offered roles in Ghostbusters 3 as Jeremy and Anna, respectively.

Dan Aykroyd says Bill Murray 'Not Involved" with 'Ghostbusters 3'

The two young actors do fit with Aykroyd's description of Ghostbusters 3's plot, which will apparently focus on Columbia physics students as the new team of paranormal investigators, and this is also the time at which casting should start taking place if Aykroyd is to meet his goes of beginning production in early 2014.

Both Hill and Stone seem like good picks for this kind of comedy adventure, but at this point it's still difficult to tell how reliable the source is. Schmoes Know has made a lot of big claims regarding major projects, but it's too soon to tell if any of them are true. The first test will probably be official news about casting for the Fantastic Four reboot, as Schmoes Know recently claimed to have confirmation that Michael B. Jordan has definitely signed on to play Johnny Storm.

If this rumor is true then it doesn't mean that Hill or Stone actually intend to take the roles - only that they have been offered to them. That said, if casting is starting to come together then it could be a positive sign for Ghostbusters 3, and the first step out of the mires of development hell.


Ghostbusters 3 will be out in theaters at some point (maybe).

Source: Schmoes Know

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