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For anyone following the news (and non-news alike) that keeps popping up about Ghostbusters 3, you're probably aware that perhaps the biggest wrench in the machine (as far as getting the movie into production) is the star of the first two, Bill Murray. It's been rather ambiguous just what his status with the movie is - will he come back, won't he come back - for years it was literally anybody's guess (including Murray's, probably!).

However, starting last December we got wind of some possible ways that Murray would be featured in Ghostbusters 3, via one of the franchise's other stars, Sigourney Weaver. [Possible Ghostbusters 3 SPOILERS ahead!] She said that Murray would be killed off at the start of the third movie and be in the rest of it as a ghost. Sounded like a perfect idea in my eyes.

However, at the time people just took what Weaver said as a silly comment of what could but probably won't happen. That was until Murray talked to the UK Daily Online and said that indeed the writers are going to have him in it as a ghost. Good news for some while others will probably hate the idea...

So where are we now with regards to Ghostbusters 3? Well, the last related item is when Murray went on the Late Show with David Letterman. Below we have the clip of the couple of minutes he chats about the third Ghostbusters. Apparently it's his, "nightmare... just crazy talk." Check it out:

It seems to me that Murray is rather sick of all this Ghostbusters 3 talk and wants to just move past it. That doesn't mean he wouldn't put the needed effort in for his role in the movie but just that he's literally been hounded for years whenever he does interviews about whether he's going to do another one and how big of a role he will have in it (and so forth). I'd probably feel the same way if I was him.

I'm just one of the many out there who has been looking forward to another Ghostbusters movie. Even though the second one doesn't even hold a candle to the first (clearly Murray agrees with me in the clip above), the potential is certainly there for a third one to ramp up the awesomeness to somewhere near the level of the original (I seriously doubt they can match it, though).

What do you think of what Murray says about Ghostbusters 3 in the clip? Surprised to hear him less-than-enthused?

Murray may not be all that interested in going full-on for his role in a third Ghostbusters but that doesn't stop other people moving ahead: The Office writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg are already working on a script and Ivan Reitman will be back to direct after helming the first two. Presumably Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis (who wrote the first two movies) will be back. They've talked about the project enough...

The plot is said to follow the re-opening of the ghost removal service after years of being closed. And we've already known for a while that the movie will follow a younger group of ghostbusters who are trained and mentored by the original team.

Although there's nothing set in stone, Ghostbusters 3 (in 3D?) could start shooting as early as this year for a release sometime in 2011. More on the movie when we get it.

Source: YouTube (thanks to /Film)

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