Ghostbusters 2020 is Officially Done Filming

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Ghostbusters 2020 is officially done filming. The successful comedy-horror franchise has been through a lot over the past few years, and with Juno director Jason Reitman now at the helm of a new entry into the mythology, fans are primed for more.

Aside from being an Oscar-nominated director, Reitman is also the son of Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two Ghostbusters movies. A third film in the series was seemingly on the mind of every Ghostbusters fan from the instant that Ghostbusters II ended its theatrical run some thirty years ago. Many years of rumours and alleged stalling by some of the key actors involved in the first two films lead many fans to give up, convinced that despite what Dan Aykroyd had been telling them, a third Ghostbusters film was just never going to happen. But then, in 2016, the impossible was announced - a new Ghostbusters film was on its way. However, it ended up being a reboot and not the film that diehard fans had been wanting.

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As the dust settled over the Ghostbusters reboot attempt, many fans went back to hoping for a third film - one which was faithful to the franchise’s already established storyline and characters. Sure enough, despite taking longer than hoped for to arrive, fans have again been rewarded with a sequel, and this time it does remain a part of the current Ghostbusters canon. The new film, Ghostbusters 2020 began shooting this past summer and now, according to an announcement on Reitman’s Instagram account, we know for certain that the official third film has finished shooting. Writing “68 days and still smiling” alongside the #GB20 hashtag, Reitman’s photo can be seen below:

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Wrapped! 68 days and still smiling. #GB20

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Pictured in the post are some of the cast, including Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things, IT), Carrie Coon (The Sinner), McKenna Grace (Fuller House) and newcomer Logan Kim. Though the new film is considered the third Ghostbusters movie, it reportedly does not deal with the continued ghost busting efforts of its original 1980s cast. Instead, while some of that original are returning for cameos and smaller roles, the focus of Ghostbusters 2020 will be on children, or rather, a group of teens who decide to take on the responsibility of being Ghostbusters. An official, detailed plot has yet to be released, but fans have known for quite some time that this was the case.

It’s encouraging to read that after a 68-day shoot and all the struggle and stress that such a thing entails, Reitman can take to social media and state that he is still smiling. While the ease or quality of a film’s shoot isn’t necessarily an indicator of how good the film itself will be, a shoot in which everyone got along and things went smoothly seems like the most encouraging news that fans can take away from Ghostbusters 2020 at this particular moment in time. It will likely be a while yet until an official trailer drops but until then, Reitman’s Instagram photo is a strong vote of confidence.

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