Ghostbusters International Trailer Includes More Chris Hemsworth

Despite the furious onslaught across comment sections and message boards—which have raged for months over the Paul Feig-helmed, “gender swapped” reboot of Ghostbusters—marketing for the film has kicked into gear with a vengeance in recent weeks. From character one sheets, to toys, to behind the scenes looks, the Hollywood machine has been doing everything in its power to push back against negative pre-release feelings regarding the movie, with varying success.

The recently-released trailer did little to dampen the flames of the internet’s ire, despite a warmer reception from critics across the country. While writers were, for the most part, positive about the look and feel of the reboot, which stars Kate McKinnon (Sisters), Kristen Wiig (The Martian), Melissa McCarthy (Spy), and Leslie Jones (SNL), fans decried the film as unnecessary, relentlessly nitpicking everything from the choice of cast, the overt slapstick, and the look of the film’s ghosts. While American audiences might be hard to please, the movie industry is increasingly reliant on the international market to maintain profits, and Ghostbusters is no different in that respect.

Marketing has moved to take the Ghostbusters call international with a brand new trailer that shows off even more ghosts and brings co-star Chris Hemsworth (Thor) out of the shadows. The international trailer largely retreads the American trailer from last week, but the additional footage does look interesting and offers a few hints about how the film will look. The new ghost footage certainly makes it apparent that this reboot will be, yes, true to the spirit of the original. As with its forebear, the quartet of supernatural slayers finds their city overrun by all manner of specters that they must rally to combat. Hemsworth, for his part, looks delightfully geeky in his role as Kevin, secretary for the team and partly an analogue of the Janine character played by Annie Potts in Ghostbusters 1 & 2 - though also part original character, as reflected by the final scene in this new trailer (where Kevin reveals his idea for a logo for the 'female Ghostbusters' crew).

Ghostbusters (2016) trailer scene

Say what you will, but the reboot has accomplished what had long been thought of as an impossibility: bringing ghostbusting back to the big screen. Original creator/cast member Dan Aykroyd tried for years to reunite the cast for a third outing, which eventually morphed into the aptly named Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Despite interest from fans, a true cinematic sequel languished in development hell, undergoing a plethora of readjustments and reimaginings before Feig stepped in.

Feig, for his part, has proven himself to be one of the better comedic directors working today, and has long proven his ability to helm female-driven projects with movies like Spy and Bridesmaids, both of which feature Ghostbusters cast members. While this may not be exactly the Ghostbusters movie we’d dreamed of, the film looks faithful to everything we loved about the originals.

Though the film’s existence puts into question previous plans for a larger “shared universe” franchise, everything we’ve seen from Ghostbusters so far gives up hope for the future of the franchise. Even without a direct connection to the original films, their spirit lives on, and for now it seems as though it’s all in capable hands.

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Ghostbusters will open in U.S. theaters on July 15, 2016.

Source: Sony Pictures

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