Ghostbusters Sequel Will 'No Doubt' Happen, Says Sony Executive

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There's been a lot of hate online for the Ghostbusters reboot, and it looks like some of this has translated to the box office. Coming in second place on its opening weekend and facing stiff competition in the coming weeks, it's looking increasingly likely that the film will make back its budget - but won't be a major blockbuster. Often in such cases, that means the studio executives involved end up playing vague about the sequel prospects before sometimes committing to a followup... and sometimes not (for an example, see the back and forth status of Pacific Rim 2 before it recently secured a 2018 release date).

That's apparently not the case for Ghostbusters, however. Despite its solid-but-unremarkable opening weekend and possibly missing out on the power of China's box office, some at Sony feel that a sequel to Paul Feig's film is all but a sure thing at this stage.

According to The Wrap, there is confidence within Sony that the Ghostbusters franchise will continue to grow after the reboot. Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution at Sony, commented that "The Ghostbusters world is alive and well," adding that he expects Ghostbusters "to become an important brand and franchise" moving forward. While that doesn't guarantee that it will continue on from the current film instead of a new reboot or spinoff, it seems unlikely that the studio would move forward too quickly with anything other than a sequel to the new film.

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Seemingly confirming this, Bruer made it clear that he believes a sequel is coming (even if that's just his opinion for now). Speaking of the continuation of the franchise after the recent reboot, he said “While nothing has been officially announced yet, there’s no doubt in my mind it will happen." While it's not Bruer's call whether or not the film gets made, given his position as head of worldwide distribution he is poised to know whether global prospects for the film are encouraging enough to warrant a sequel.

Current projections have Ghostbusters earning an estimated $46 million this weekend in the domestic box office, which isn't terrible but certainly isn't the ideal outcome for a reboot of such a well-known franchise. Trends also look favorable for it to eventually earn more than the original Ghostbusters did, though this would essentially just cover the film's budget and marketing costs. So long as the studio isn't losing money on the movie, though, the potential value of the franchise alone might be enough to earn it a sequel. Reviews have been generally favorable (though not raving), so it's possible that a sequel could actually perform better than the reboot (especially with a release date that has a bit less major competition).

Of course, this will likely just fuel the fires of those who hate the film and wanted to see it fail. Sony will have to try much harder to win them over with the eventual sequel, since it will make or break the reboot's franchise potential. If the studio can't come up with a sequel that wins over audiences, then once again we might not see a Ghostbusters 3.

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Ghostbusters is now in theaters.

Source: The Wrap

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