Ghostbusters Reboot Image Highlights the New Team

A new image of Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Melissa McCarthy in their Ghostbusters garb has emerged.

Ghostbusters (2016) movie cast

Everything old is new again, and where 2015 revisited the Mad Max, Jurassic Park, and soon the Star Wars franchise, 2016 is bringing back Ghostbusters. At one point there were reportedly as many as three Ghostbusters movies in the pipeline, but only Paul Feig's production appears to be actually happening (at least for the moment).

Starring Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Melissa McCarthy as the titular paranormal investigators, Feig's Ghostbusters is a hard reboot for the series and isn't expected to reflect any of the events from the previous films. However, they clearly aren't ignoring the prior films altogether, because original stars Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Dan Aykroyd and more are set to appear as well. Yet, even with a such strong comedic cast and a heavy dose of nostalgia-laden cameos, Feig's Ghostbusters has endured an ugly uphill battle convincing some fans to give his all-women Ghostbusters team a chance.

But who cares what a bunch of naysayers think. From the very first look we had of McKinnon, Wiig, Jones and McCarthy suited up in front of the new Ecto-1, everything about the image screamed Ghostbusters. And this newest group photo is no different, adding in smoke and an eerie green light to only heighten the spooky effect.

Take a look below:

1st official image from #Ghostbusters shared with the fans 1st! @ghostbustersm @Feigbusters @Lesdoggg

— Planet Ghostbusters (@protoncharging) December 16, 2015

These ladies look ready to bust some ghosts! And does it look like they're standing inside a hotel lobby? Obviously, the original Ghostbusters had run-ins with specters in The Sedgewick Hotel, and though this doesn't appear to be the same hotel, the distinct art deco style implies they're standing in the lobby of a fancy joint. Perhaps there's scene in Feig's Ghostbusters that pays homage to that original hotel haunting? Could Slimer make an appearance, too?

Chris Hemsworth rounds out the team as their nerdy receptionist, and Andy Garcia and Michael K. Williams play roles in the supporting cast. Filming wrapped this fall, so a trailer shouldn't be too far off. If one doesn't drop during what's left of the holiday season, then definitely early in the new year. When it does, we'll have a better idea of how these Ghostbusters get into the ghost hunting business and in what others ways Feig's reboot will set itself apart form its predecessors.

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Ghostbusters opens in U.S. theaters on July 15th, 2016.

Source: Ghostbsuters HQ

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