Ghost of Tsushima Confirmed To Have Local Japanese On ALL Discs

Ghost of Tsushima E3 gameplay trailer

Gamers can properly immerse themselves in the bloody battles of 13th Century Japan as developers at Sucker Punch Productions confirm that Ghost of Tsushima will have a Japanese audio option for all regions. Already pushing the boundaries in terms of graphics and hoping to claim the title of most authentic samurai game in existence, Sucker Punch is eager to transport players back to the Mongol invasions of Japan.

Jostling for the top spot of E3's next-gen games, the likes of Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II and Shadow of the Tomb Raider had players and professionals staring in awe at their frankly amazing graphics. Although Ghost was undoubtedly a beautiful game that showed the realism of decapitating marauding Mongolians, the E3 trailer did pull criticism for its use of an English language track. Thankfully, it turns out that this is only one of the audio options.

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Sucker Punch creative director Nate Fox confirmed that a local Japanese audio track will be available on all discs to help emphasize the game's historical backdrop. Elsewhere, Fox went on to say that the attacking Mongols in the game who still haven't "learned" Japanese will still speak Mongolian. This means that Ghost of Tsushima is a veritable language lesson for anyone wanting to scrub up on their Japanese and Mongolian.

Beating hopes that the long-running Assassin's Creed series would eventually have a game in Japan, Ghost of Tsushima is taking its premise further than most studios have. Sucker Punch's upcoming title has already been dubbed a time machine, which combined with its open-world gameplay, must've been a massive challenge for developers. An audio scout was even sent to modern Japan to capture background noises for the game for another layer of authenticity, so a Japanese audio track makes perfect sense.

Ghost of Tsushima E3 poster

That being said, there already those who are complaining about the addition of Japanese. Some say it will pull them out of the game by having to read subtitles in the middle of the ambitious sandbox. Either way, no one is forcing anyone to play Ghost of Tsushima in Japanese and it is a great variation to have. The logistical challenge of transcribing an entire game into Japanese is just another way of highlighting the lengths that Fox and his team have gone to in covering every little detail of Ghost of Tsushima.

PlayStation's 11-minute Ghost of Tsushima demo whet the appetites of those who were already excited for the PS4 exclusive and undoubtedly lured in a few new fans too. Gamers are hoping for more details at the upcoming PlayStation Experience, and who knows, maybe fans will get to see that Japanese audio track in action? Whether dipping in and out of playing in English or Japanese, Ghost of Tsushima is at least living up to Sucker Punch's ambitions to create a samurai-swinging, Mongol-mashing experience that is visually and audibly unique.

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