Ghost Stories Trailer Promises Three Terrifying Stories

Lionsgate has released an official UK trailer for Ghost Stories, the movie adaptation of The League of Gentlemen writer Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman's play of the same name. Like the original stage show, the film revolves around the stories of three different people who claim to have experienced supernatural encounters, as investigated by one Philip Goodman, professor of psychology and legendary "belief buster". Goodman, as he does in the Ghost Stories play, unexpectedly becomes part of these stories when he sets out to investigate them, after being contacted by his mentor Charles Cameron: a parapsychologist who went missing fifteen years earlier and was presumed dead by his peers, Godman included.

Nyman, who plays a role in this week's Liam Neeson action/thriller The Commuter, plays Professor Goodman in Ghost Stories, opposite lesser known Leonard Byrne as his mentor, Professor Cameron. Sherlock's Martin Freeman costars as one of the three people with a scary story to share in the film, along with Alex Lawther (now starring in the Netflix series The End of the F**king World) and The Fast Show's Paul Whitehouse. Dyson and Nyman also cowrote and directed the movie version of their play and have turned in quite the chilling screen adaptation, if the film's trailer is to be believed.

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Lionsgate UK has now released a global trailer for Ghost Stories online, which you can watch in the space above. The film premiered at the London and Busan International Film Festivals last fall, and was largely well received by critics upon its showings on the festival circuit. THR's Stephen Dalton praised the movie for being "a witty and well-crafted love letter to old-school horror tropes" that should appeal to horror genre fans around the world, in spite of its decidedly British flavor and elements.

Ghost Stories is scheduled to open theatrically in the U.K. this spring, though Lionsgate has yet to announce a domestic release date for the film. 2017 was a landmark year for horror movies thanks to films like IT and prospective Oscar contender Get Out, but that didn't help Lionsgate when it returned to the Saw well with the critically derided franchise sequel/revival Jigsaw. The studio may have more luck with the genre this year, starting with next month's "based on a true story" offering Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built, starring a (very haunted) Helen Mirren.

The play Ghost Stories was celebrated for being a unique and innovative theatergoing experience when it premiered in 2010, which makes the prospect of a film adaptation all the more difficult. What works in one medium doesn't necessarily translate well into another, especially when it comest to delivering scares and old-school shocks. However, by the sound of it, Ghost Stories may join spooky stories like The Woman in Black on the list of horror offerings that succeed in freaking audiences out, whether it's being told by performers on a stage or actors on the big screen.

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Ghost Stories opens in U.K. theaters on Friday, April 13 this year. It does not have an official U.S. theatrical release date yet.

Source: Lionsgate UK

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