Ghost in the Shell TV Spot Confirms Trailer #2 Next Week

Ghost in the Shell Trailer - Major cloaking

March 2017 is going to be a month full of remakes. Things start with Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast, then there's Warner Bros. Kong: Skull Island riffing on the King's legend, followed a week later by Lionsgate's ultra-modern take on Saban's Power Rangers, before the month wraps up with one more - Paramount's Ghost in the Shell.

The film won't just be a straight-up redo of the 1995 Japanese original, though. Based on what's been seen so far, it'll take elements from both the original anime and the famed TV show it spawned; the businessman assassination and exploration of the Major's past seen in the first trailer go beyond the first story. Of course, not much more of the movie's plot or wider focus is known because, despite only being a few months away from release, we've only had a short Super Bowl TV spot since that initial look.

That's going to change next week: Paramount have announced the film's second trailer will hit on Monday. Based on an international TV spot which cites it as arriving Tuesday, it'll likely be later on in the night.

There's been talk of a new trailer for well over a month; some reports suggested one would arrive with last month's xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, but that wound up being a simple reissue of the first trailer. That it's taken so long for more footage is strange from a modern tentpole (the teaser was in November), but there is still a couple of months for Paramount to build up excitement.

There's a lot of the movie fans are yet to see, especially as the Super Bowl spot was pretty much a condensed version of the first trailer. The pre-trailer tease doesn't give up much of what this may be either, although it does feature a line that hasn't been used yet in the promotional materials: "They created me, but they cannot control me", an allusion to Major become disconnected from the rest of Section 9.

Ghost in the Shell has been a controversial film, mainly because of the decision to cast Scarlett Johansson in the lead role of the originally Japanese Major Kusanagi. The star recently responded to the criticisms, commenting on how rare it is to get a female-led franchise regardless of race, but the film still has its critics. After that and the Super Bowl spot failing to make an impact compared to some of the other trailers at the big game, a new look at the stylish, vibrant world director Rupert Sanders has constructed could really help get the hype train going.

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