Ghost In The Shell First Teasers & Logo Released

Over the past couple of years, Scarlett Johansson has become one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood. This is largely been thanks to her role as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although she has not had her own standalone film in the superhero universe, she has proven she can lead a film on her own. Lucy showed that audiences are eager to see more of Johansson in a leading role, and although the film got mixed reviews, the box office performance was impressive. Next up for the talented actress is leading Ghost in the Shell, a live-action adaptation of the popular manga series of the same name.

Throughout the production process, the film has continued to take on controversy because of Johansson's casting as the lead role of The Major. The whitewashing outcry became louder than ever when reports of tests to use CGI to make white actors appears Asian. In the midst of the controversy, filming has completed and now the first bit of marketing has been released.

Paramount has unveiled five new teasers for Ghost in the Shell that are mainly cryptic teases of the movie, but do offer up a look at Johansson in the role. All five teasers end with the official logo for the film, pictured above, but should start to get people interested in the early 2017 release.

Even though each teaser shows only one single shot or scene, they are all intriguing nonetheless. The first asks the question, what is Johansson? Well, with her playing the role of Major Motoko Kusanagi, she will be a fully functioning cybernetic being working for the local law enforcement. The second teaser further shows her robotic nature as she appears to be unplugging from a station. This could be the first time she has been activated or simply a routine thing she must do. The third teaser is simply just that, showing only a shot of an unknown woman walking down the hallway. The fourth teaser appears to be Major on duty when she stumbles upon a room full of men as a voice says, "This is only the beginning." The final teaser gives fans their first look at Takeshi Kitano as Daisuke Aramaki, who is the chief of Public Security Sector 9, where Major is also employed.

All in all, the teasers are truly just teasers, but should get those looking forward to the movie even more excited. The true test will be how intrigued other people will be after seeing these teasers. Paramount chose Johansson because of her ability to draw in a crowd, and this will (hopefully) prove once again that that is the case.

Ghost in the Shell will open in U.S. theaters on March 31, 2017.

Source: Paramount (via CBM)

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