Ghost in the Shell IMAX Poster: Scarlett Johansson Hits Hard

Ghost in the Shell poster with Scarlett Johansson (cropped)

Paramount Pictures is going all out on their marketing for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live-action movie. The studio recently released motion posters designed to both introduce audiences to the live-action version of characters from the popular anime/manga series and to and to assuage concerns about Scarlett Johansson's casting as the Major - a character who is traditionally Japanese - amidst the diverse casting of supporting characters.

The cyber-punk aesthetic for which Ghost in the Shell became famous has been prominently on display in all of the advertising for the live-action film adaptation. The celebration of the strong visual storytelling is one of the best bargaining chips Paramount has to sweep aside the controversy that has pegged this project, since the initial casting of Johansson was announced.

Since visuals are so important, it was a foregone conclusion that Ghost in the Shell would be available in IMAX, for moviegoers who are interested in a heightened experience. Paramount has released a very cool new IMAX-specific poster with Johansson's the Major front and center (see below), her action skills clearly on display. The poster recalls many of the kinetic fight scenes that has been seen in the Ghost in the Shell trailers released to date.

Ghost in the Shell IMAX Poster

Johansson is joined in Ghost in the Shell by her Lucy castmate Pilou Asbek, Japanese star Takeshi Kitano, Lasarus Ratuere (The Leftovers), Tawanda Manyimo (Flat3), Yutaka Izuhama (The Pacific), Danusia Samal (Tyrant), and Chin Han, who also worked with Johansson on Captain America: The Winter Soldier - none of whom appear on this new poster.

The IMAX poster is stunningly beautiful, absolutely. The strong contrast between black and white speaks to a level of artistry that fans of the original Ghost in the Shell anime have come to expect. As a piece of promotional material it is definitely compelling, although it doesn't tell potential audience members much about the live-action movie, expect perhaps that Scarlet Johansson is going to be beating up bad guys. This has become the staple of her career both in and outside of Marvel Cinematic Universe projects, so that facts in-and-of itself is not wholly revelatory.

Like much of the promotional material that has come before, this new IMAX poster does nothing to assuage fears that fans may have amidst Ghost in the Shell's controversy. It seems more interested in confirming that this movie will continue providing the status quo of big studio filmmaking, rather than telling fans that risks were taken in the production of this movie to make sure that the iconic property is adapted as best as humanly possible.

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Source: Paramount Pictures

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  • Ghost in the Shell (2017) release date: Mar 31, 2017
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