Ghost Rider V Spawn Fan Trailer: Go Back to Hell

A new fan-made video pits supernatural superheroes Ghost Rider and Spawn against one another. When it comes to superheroes, there are many ways to acquire one's powers. One could be bitten by a radioactive spider, or a scientific genius with lots of resources, or even an outright god or alien. Oddly enough though, some superheroes acquire their powers from perhaps the most unlikely of sources: hell. Yep, Satan's domain of eternal torment has granted more than one hero their abilities, which seems like kind of an odd thing for the dark lord to do really. Still, everyone needs hobbies, even fallen angels.

Two such hell-powered heroes are Ghost Rider and SpawnThe former - at least the Johnny Blaze version - ended up in league with the darkside as part of a Faustian bargain to save the life of his father, forfeiting his own soul in the process, and being conscripted into taking up the mantle of the Ghost Rider. The latter began life as Al Simmons, a CIA black ops officer who was murdered by his own comrades, then sent to hell for the lives that he had himself taken. Incensed that his life had been cut short so brutally, Simmons made his own deal, returning to Earth as the demonic anti-hero Spawn.

So, with such similar origin stories, one wonders what might happen if Ghost Rider and Spawn crossed paths on the big-screen. Even better, what if the two dark saviors were pitted against each other in a war only one could survive? That's the scenario a new fan trailer by noted Youtube content creator Stryder HD examines. Titled Ghost Rider v Spawn: Eternal Darkness, the trailer sees Johnny Blaze tasked by his demonic benefactor with taking out Spawn. Check it out in full above.

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In a case of being limited to the resources one has available, the above fan trailer sees Nicolas Cage's Johnny Blaze battle Michael Jai White's Spawn, using clips from their respective films. Famously, neither Cage's two Ghost Rider efforts or 1997's Spawn are very well regarded by fans, but thanks to the magic of editing, the above trailer in many ways makes both look kind of awesome. Clips of Ghost Rider's short tenure on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are also included here and there.

As an extra treat for fans of dark superheroes, the Ghost Rider v Spawn trailer also includes an extended cameo from Blade, suggesting that this hypothetical film is a follow-up to Stryder HD's prior Ghost Rider v Blade fan trailer. While Blade isn't backed by hell, he is half-vampire, so it's hard to think of a more appropriate addition to this particular fight.

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Source: Stryder HD

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