• Here's how Ghost Rider's live-action look has evolved. 1 / 8

    Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes Origin Marvel Comics Vertical
  • The 2007 movie was poorly received though Nic Cage was considered a highlight. 2 / 8

    ghost rider 2007 TLDR vertical
  • The character's 2007 outfit is a straight forward combo of leather jacket and a chain. 3 / 8

    nic cage ghost rider TLDR vertical
  • The 2011 sequel Spirit Of Vengeance was received slightly better. 4 / 8

    ghost rider 2 poster TLDR vertical
  • His outfit is made to look like its melting due to the heat and his skull is charred. 5 / 8

    ghost rider spirit of vengeance TLDR vertical
  • Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D introduced Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes in 2016. 6 / 8

    Agents of SHIELD Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes Gabriel Luna Vertical
  • This take was accurate to the comics, with a skull shaped helmet and signature leather jacket with white stripes. 7 / 8

    ghost rider agents of SHIELD TLDR vertical
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