Ghost Rider vs. Hellboy Fan Trailer: Go to Hell

Hellboy first arrived on movie screens in 2004 in Guillermo del Toro's adaptation of Mike Mignola's comic. In 2007, Marvel's Ghost Rider made the leap from the comic book pages to the big screen with Nicolas Cage in the lead role. Neither film was exactly a blockbuster, but both Hellboy and Ghost Rider did well enough to warrant sequels, and to this day there are still lots of people who hope they'll get to see one or both of the characters grace movie screens again.

The good news is that, after soliciting advice from his Twitter followers, Guillermo del Toro is reportedly in talks to make Hellboy 3. The bad news is that Ghost Rider 3 is probably dead, and even if it does come back, Cage will not be involved (though Ghost Rider fans might be okay with Cage dropping out if Norman Reedus climbs aboard instead).

Since neither Hellboy nor Ghost Rider will be hitting cinemas again any time soon, the best we can do is enjoy this fan-made trailer from stryder HD for the Ghost Rider-Hellboy crossover film of our dreams. In Ghost Rider v. Hellboy, Ron Perlman's Hellboy finds out his father is dying, but learns there is someone who can save him. The only catch: He has to take care of Ghost Rider first. It's another gem of a trailer from stryder HD, the fan responsible for Jason Bourne v. John Wick.

Ron Perlman in Hellboy

In addition to Ghost Rider and Hellboy, the clip features Hellboy's movie dad, the late John Hurt. Peter Fonda also appears as Mephistopheles, a Ghost Rider character, offering Hellboy his brutal proposition. Fonda incidentally also pops up in the Coen Brothers' Super Bowl ad for Mercedes-Benz.

There's something altogether appropriate about pitting Ghost Rider and Hellboy, two of the more offbeat comic book heroes out there, against one another. If we're going to have superheroes battling each other, Hollywood might as well get creative with the match-ups. The possibilities really are endless. At least in Ghost Rider v. Hellboy, the motivations are clear: Hellboy wants to save his dad, Ghost Rider wants to not be taken care of. As we know, that's not always the case when cinematic superheroes come to blows.

Between Hellboy and Ghost Rider, which character is more deserving of a third film? It's easy to make a case for Hellboy, given the strangeness of that universe, the intriguing nature of the character and the fact that del Toro is at the helm. Ghost Rider feels like a more limited character, and since he's already been heavily featured on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., there's less urgency about getting him back on the big screen. It's also possible a Ghost Rider TV show could be on the way.

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Source: stryder HD

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