Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance?

Neveldine and Taylor Directing Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider 2

Nearly a year ago it was confirmed that Columbia pictures was in the process of signing writers to pen the sequel to the terribly disappointing Ghost Rider and that Nicolas Cage was set to return of Johnny Blaze. Months later, Cage shared his idea for Ghost Rider 2, revealing that it should be  reboot of sorts. Well, not really a reboot but a different direction for the franchise.

I suppose it didn't matter, any direction would be better. We also knew that they would be going with an updated version of an older script that David Goyer wrote back in 2001.

Yesterday, Collider reported some details from an exclusive chat with producer Mike De Luca where they talked a lot on the subject of Ghost Rider 2, revealing many interesting details about the movie and its possible title.

You can check out the full transcript of the interview with Del Luca but for your convenience, Frosty summarized the the key points:

  • Mark Steven Johnson is not directing the sequel
  • Eva Mendes will not return as Roxanne Simpson
  • Ghost Rider 2 (or Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance) will be a hard PG-13
  • The film is going to take place in Europe
  • De Luca is open to David Goyer directing the sequel but it all comes down to his very busy schedule
  • The sequel will be like “pushing the reset button” on the franchise
  • As you might expect from the success of Avatar, Ghost Rider 2 might be done in 3D
  • Goyer has just delivered his updated outline to the studio
  • Ghost Rider 2 could easily be in front of the cameras this year

So, it appears the Nicolas Cage got his wish of making the next film more international and less of a western. It's a good thing that Mark Steven Johnson is not directing but I'm not supportive of the idea of this being done in 3D just for those higher ticket prices. They need to make a better movie first and foremost.

Yes, the possible title of the film is Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. For those familiar with the comics, Vengeance is another burning-skull rider who traded his soul to Mephisto so he could hunt down Ghost Rider, who he thought was responsible for killing his family. In the end, he's a supervillain turned superhero so I'm assuming that's like a big part of the story of Ghost Rider 2.

If Spirit of Vengeance does begin principal photography this year, the 2011 summer season will explode due to an overload of comic book movies.

It's hard for me to get excited about this when I really disliked the first Ghost Rider and especially compared to all of the other Marvel Comics-based films coming out.

What do you think of these updates?

Source: Collider

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