First Details of the Ghost Rider 2 Script

We recently reported that Columbia Pictures is moving forward with Ghost Rider 2 (much to my chagrin). In that post, we also told you that the studio was tapping David S. Goyer (Batman Begins) to write the story for Ghost Rider 2, based on a script he wrote for the character nine years ago, which never made it into theaters.

Now comes word that Goyer WILL be writing (and producing) Ghost Rider 2, and Collider recently interviewed the man himself and got some details on what his nearly decade-old script was all about. Of course, there are copies and reviews of that script still floating around online (check IGN), but nine years is a long time, so a current update is more than welcome.

Word around the 'Net is that Goyer's Ghost Rider script focused on the satanic hero going up against a demon biker gang who seek to resurrect the demon lord Zarathos. In past incarnations of the Ghost Rider comic book, Zarathos was actually the demon entity who joined with Johnny Blaze (Nic Cage) to create the Ghost Rider. Not sure how closely Goyer's "polished" script for Ghost Rider 2 will follow the synopsis I just gave, or how the film will treat the Johnny Blaze/Zarathos relationship. Still sounds better than the first film.

Here is what Goyer had to say to Collider

[NOTE: the show Goyer refers to at the start is FlashForward, which he co-created]:

Personally, I'm somewhat relieved that Goyer is handling the script for Ghost Rider 2 . So long as they push that PG-13 boundary far enough to bring a little more darkness and menace into the film, I think that the sequel will have the potential to  outshine the original.

No confirmation yet that Nic Cage will be returning for Ghost Rider 2, who will be directing or when it will be released. As always, we'll keep you posted.

Source: Slash Film, Collider, IGN

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