Don't Expect a Ghost Recon: Wildlands Battle Royale Mode

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With battle royale games being all the rage right now, Ubisoft has formally shut down any hopes of this mode making into Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands in the foreseeable future.

The sprawling backdrop of Wildlands and its impressive array of weaponry makes it seem like the perfect place to install a blood-filled battle royale mode where players can fight to the death to leave just one man standing. Sadly, it seems that it isn't as easy as just dumping a bunch of characters out of a plane and putting them in your crosshairs.

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A battle royale mode is constantly requested for Wildlands, but before anyone else pitches the idea for the game mod, Ubisoft has taken to Twitter to put it to bed for good:

Citing the logistical nightmare and overhaul of the game's core structure, it is easy to see where the problems might start to arise. However, at least the company has recognized the popularity of battle royale games, so who knows what the future holds? Take note of the "right now" element of the tweet and keep an eye on what could come next.

With the ability to jump out of planes and helicopters into treacherous warzones already a part of Wildlands, it looks like at least some of the mechanics for a battle royale mode are already there. PvP was also introduced in October last year, but "for now," Wildlands is stuck with a more subdued style of tactical shooting rather than a mass brawl filling the screen. Interestingly, other Ubisoft company Massive is reportedly working on a Battle Royale game, so fans know that developers are heading in that direction in some form.

Admittedly, it is a blow to avid gamers that Ubisoft can't yet cash in on the ongoing success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnitewhich are still taking the gaming world by storm thanks to their recent mobile releases - but it isn't hard to see where the company is coming from. With the game already a year old, it isn't exactly cost-effective to go back and undertake such a massive task just because something is on-trend right now. Wildlands continuously tops the list of games that could replicate the established PUBG formula, however, it clearly just isn't meant to be.

Since its release, Wildlands has pushed the envelope to move away from the classic Ghost Recon setting to become one of the biggest games that Ubisoft has ever made. Celebrating its anniversary, fans are promised a whole year of post-release content, and as the tenth game in the Ghost Recon franchise, Wildlands certainly won't be the last. Ubisoft has found a niche with Ghost Recon: Wildlands to take the franchise into a whole new era, but the question still remains, will this game ever get its battle royale mode?

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