Ghost Recon's Splinter Cell Crossover Trailer & Details Revealed

Ubisoft unveils the official trailer and details for their upcoming Splinter Cell-themed crossover mission for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. The latest installment in the long-running Ghost Recon franchise has maintained a strong player base thanks to a steady stream of post-release content from developer Ubisoft Paris. And while the game hit its one-year anniversary last month, that doesn't mean the studio plans on discontinuing support for the game anytime soon. In fact, they are pushing ahead with even more free content.

Last week, Ubisoft briefly revealed their Year 2 DLC plans for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which includes a new PvP mode titled Sabotage and five mode-exclusive maps, as well as teammate customization, a handful of PvP classes, and of course, a series of special PvE missions - all of which will release over the next year. The first update is dubbed Special Operations 1 and releases on April 10, thus kicking off Wildlands' second season. While there wasn't much that was known about Wildlands' Year 2 content, Ubisoft teased last week that a mission will include Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher in a major Tom Clancy crossover event. And now, the studio has revealed a bunch of details regarding that special mission as well as when it releases and what it includes.

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Ubisoft unveiled the official trailer for Ghost Recon: Wildland's Splinter Cell-themed mission today (above), which is described in the press release as "one of the most difficult missions the Ghosts have ever faced." Players will help Sam Fisher - who is being voiced by legendary voice actor Michael Ironside for the first time since Splinter Cell: Conviction - complete a high-risk infiltration mission in Bolivia. Ubisoft senior producer Nouredine Abboud expressed excitement about crossing over the two franchises on this scale, saying:

“We are all super excited to bring such an iconic character as Sam Fisher into Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Teaming up with Sam Fisher will require the Ghosts’ stealth, cleverness and tactics…we can’t wait to see the reactions of our players as they face this new challenge!”

As expected, players can earn Splinter Cell-themed gear, such as Sam Fisher's iconic night vision goggles, by completing the Special Operations I mission. While the mission can be played anytime from April 10 onward (with a free-to-play weekend set for April 12-15), gamers only have until May 16 to complete the mission in order to reap the rewards. What's more, in addition to earning the aforementioned gear, players can obtain the Splinter Cell Gear Pack, which comes with a Splinter Cell: Blacklist-inspired Karambit Knife as well as a customizable SC 4000 prototype assault rifle - both of which are shown in the above trailer.

What's even more interesting than two Tom Clancy worlds crossing over is that this mission comes on the heels of rumors of a new Splinter Cell game being in development, which is expected to be revealed at E3 this June. If a new Splinter Cell game is announced this year, then the aforementioned special operations mission could potentially tie into Sam Fisher's next game. It would be an ideal way to bridge Fisher's story and connect the two video game franchises for future crossovers. Until then, gamers can enjoy fighting alongside Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

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Source: Ubisoft

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