Ghost in the Shell: Watch The Entire Water Fight Sequence

Ghost in the Shell Trailer - Major cloaking

Over the past several years, Scarlett Johansson has become a top star at the box office. She has enjoyed roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as the unexpected box office hit Lucy, turning the actor into an action star in the process. For her next big blockbuster, Johansson will bring Ghost in the Shell to the big screen.

Throughout the film's marketing, Paramount has repeatedly demonstrated how the new, live-action version will take numerous cues from the original animated films. With a number of iconic sequences already teased in the various trailers, one that stood out in particular was the Major's water battle. With the film just over a week away from its release, Paramount has released the action sequence in its entirety.

The clip brings the scene from the first animated film to life, showing a low-level criminal running from the Major, before stopping to try and locate his pursuer. This proves to be especially difficult thanks to Major's cloaking abilities, which she uses to her distinct advantage against the fleeing suspect.

Ghost in the Shell Trailer - Major cloaking

In seeing the full sequence, fans of the original films should be pleased by the numerous references on hand and the detail with which the fight was recreated in live action. In addition to this sequence, Ghost in the Shell promises an anime-accurate opening credits sequence, showing the Major's creation, as well as a version of her battle with the giant robotic tank. These are just a few of the homages that have been shown in the marketing, and presumably there will be plenty more in the full film.

Highlighting scenes like this one will not only help convince diehard fans to come see the film, but it should also make the futuristic action movie more appealing to those unfamiliar with the franchise. The source material is popular, but far from a household name. Johansson's involvement should attract casual viewers who may have been intrigued by the initial marketing campaign. Every trailer has highlighted the action set pieces and the unique visuals   the film boasts. If reviews for the film are strong, this could wind up another early hit in 2017, while also adding to Johansson's filmography and giving her a potential new franchise to work with -- that is until Marvel Studios finally offers her a chance to star in a solo Black Widow movie.

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Source: Paramount

Key Release Dates
  • Ghost in the Shell (2017) release date: Mar 31, 2017
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