Ghost in The Shell: Listen to Steve Aoki's Remixed Theme

Ghost in the Shell is a massively popular Japanese manga, anime movie, and animated series featuring stories that revolve around counter-cyberterrorism group known as "Section 9", and one its agents Major Motoko Kusanagiof. Fans of the original and its animated adaptations understandably met news that it would be made into a live-action blockbuster with a combination of excitement and skepticism, and, while some of the earliest marketing didn't inspire confidence, more recent trailers have looked much better. Ghost in the Shell appears set to wrap up a jam-packed March 2017, which is already off to a strong start thanks to a huge first weekend for Logan.

The movie originally drew accusations of whitewashing when Scarlett Johansson was cast as Major. While many of those complaints still persist, the improved marketing has taken some of the focus off of that decision, as fans are more hyped to see the finished production. The movie has already drawn a good level of buzz on social media, and while much of that could be attributed to the controversy, there's no denying some people are excited for it.

Ghost in the Shell poster with Scarlett Johansson (cropped)

Now, a new promotion for the film has been released featuring a Steve Aoki remix of the theme song from the original anime. Aoki has provided music for the soundtracks of several big-screen production in the past, including The Raid 2, Expendables 3, Furious 7, and the Angry Birds Movie, so his involvement in Ghost in the Shell is nothing new for the popular DJ. In fact, Aoki is a big fan of the original anime, which he credited as a major influence in some of his past work when he announced his involvement on his Facebook page:

"This is a big day for me. Especially for teenage youth me when I first watched the anime Ghost In The Shell that planted the seeds for my imagination and obsession for Sci fi android life AI singularity and later the blueprints towards my Neon Future ideology. So yes this is a big day and a proud moment to team up with GITS to produce the official remix to Utai IV - "Reawakening" and have it scored in the commercial. Big shout out to the director of the film Rupert Sanders & Jason Richmond from Paramount Pictures for believing in me. Let me know what u think of my remix. I hope I did it justice."

Fans always enjoy when the creative minds behind the adaptation of their favorite properties discuss them, so Aoki's enthusiasm may help improve confidence in the finished product. The Aoki remix definitely works with the footage in the promo, adding an alternatingly eerie and adrenaline-pumping backdrop to the hyper-stylized action of the anime adaptation.

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Source: Paramount Pictures

Key Release Dates
  • Ghost in the Shell (2017) release date: Mar 31, 2017
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