Ghost in the Shell Artwork Opens a Window Into a Futuristic World

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The upcoming version of Ghost in the Shell has definitely had its fair share of heated controversies at the moment. But if nothing else, the film seems to have nailed the anime's cyberpunk visual style. The recent trailer and still images showcase how stunning Ghost in the Shell is shaping up to be, and hopefully it will be able to satisfy both diehard fans and newcomers alike. What should be the hardest challenge, however, is living up to the original 1995 anime film -- which remains the peak of the manga's popularity.

One of the things Ghost in the Shell is most praised for its unique aesthetic. The story's dystopian setting augments its very provocative visuals -- and that's especially apparent in the original film. It features a dreamlike city that's filled with overbearing media, technology, and everything in between. Even though the setting is very much a plausible one, its somewhat surreal nature helps to create a fascinating look into what futuristic society may (or may not) look like. Either way, this is something that the live-action version will surely try to duplicate. And thanks to the creative minds behind it, we now get a deep look into Ghost in Shell's mind-bending designs.

Courtesy of i09, Insight Edition's The Art of Ghost in the Shell, by David S. Cohen and with a foreword from WETA Workshop’s Richard Taylor, reveals beautiful shots of the film's characters, locations and much more. Many, if not all, of them feel incredibly reminiscent of the 1995 film. So if fans of the original were to be pleased with anything about the live-action version, this concept art will probably be it. Take a peek below.

Ghost in the Shell - Robot Geisha artwork

Ghost in the Shell robot design artwork

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One of the most profound pieces shown above is of a city street, filled with vibrant colors, which exhibits just how dedicated the filmmakers are in creating a visually enticing world. Another shot presents a robot geisha, who plays a crucial role in how the society's cybernetic enhancements are created. These types of designs only reinforce the faithful, albeit still innovative, style of the live-action film. But it remains to be seen if all of this work will be put to good use. Nevertheless, it is comforting that director Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) looks to be utilizing what made the original anime so vastly popular.

Considering how Ghost in the Shell frequently delves into complex ideas about futuristic society, it will be interesting to see how they translate into a Hollywood film. While it's rare these days to see a blockbuster push the boundaries, Ghost in the Shell could very well be the one to do it. There's plenty of talent in front of and behind the camera, so the potential for success is definitely there. Let's hope the film proves to be more than yet another example of ill-advised Hollywood remakes.

Source: i09

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