'Get the Gringo' Trailer: Mel Gibson Looks for Payback in Mexico

Get the Gringo Trailer starring Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson's next movie won't be one you see in theaters (at least in the U.S.), as the star actor/director/controversy magnet will try a new distribution model out by debuting his new starring-vehicle, Get the Gringo, on Video On Demand.

Today we have the trailer for Get the Gringo to share, and it looks like Mel may be back in Lethal Weapon and Payback mode, with this new action/comedy from first-time feature director, Adrian Grunberg.

In the film, Gibson plays a character billed only as "Driver" (no relation to Ryan Gosling's character in Drive), a crook who gets his hands on a fat stash of cash, and tries to abscond with it over the border into Mexico. Unfortunately, Driver's border crossing is less than pleasant, and his reception by the locals is even less so. Driver quickly finds himself bereft of his stash, which leaves him on a mission for revenge and property recovery that is only further complicated by his relationship with a local woman and her son.

Check out the trailer for Get the Gringo:

To me this film looks like Payback crossed with The Mexican, and while that combination may sound somewhat derivative on paper, this trailer makes the film actually look like a surprisingly solid piece of work from both Gibson and his director, Grunberg. Gibson's offscreen scandals have diminished his appeal as a box office draw, but the man has enough fans that a VoD release may ultimately prove to be a very savvy move on his part.

While Grunberg is taking on his first feature, he does have very extensive experience in the industry, having been a Second Unit or Assistant Director on big films like Amores Perros, Traffic, Man on Fire, Master and Commander, Legend of Zorro - not to mention the work he's done assisting Gibson with films like Apocalypto and Edge of Darkness. The script was a collaboration between Gibson, Grunberg and production-assistant-turned-first-time-screenwriter, Stacy Perskie.

You can Get the Gringo on Video on Demand services in the U.S. starting on May 1, 2012. For release dates in other markets, go HERE.

Source: Fox Connect

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