Get Smart 2 Possible, Needs Witty Title

Following the surprising success of this summer's Get Smart, Warner Bros. is developing a sequel to the film and has signed a three-year first-look deal with its star, Steve Carell. I would assume that the movie wouldn't move forward without some sort of similar agreement with the most gorgeous Anne Hathaway.

I actually thought that Get Smart was quite funny and at least a few people must have agreed as it went on to earn $224 million worldwide at the box office.

That's all the news there is on this, so we need something to flesh out this little story... Let's help Warner Bros. out shall we?

They'll be needing a title for the sequel, so our Screen Rant staff has come up with the following list of fantabulously funny title possibilities for the Get Smart sequel:

  • Get Smarter
  • Get Dumb
  • Got Smart
  • Stay Smart
  • Get Cute (starring Dakota Fanning as a young Agent 99)
  • The Return of Get Smart
  • Get Smart Strikes Again
  • Get Smart 2: The Next Mission
  • Get Smart 2: A New Hope
  • Get Smart 2: The Smell of Fear
  • Get Smart 2: Get Smarter
  • Get Smart with a Vengeance
  • Live Free or Get Smart
  • The Spy Who Gets Me
  • Get Out, Smart Ass
  • Get Smart II: The Wrath of KAOS
  • Get Smart: The Curse of the Jammed Phonebooth
  • My Shoe Phone Battery is Dead: The Untold Stories of Smart, Maxwell Smart.

So what do you think the sequel should be named? :-P

Source: Variety via Sci Fi Wire

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