Theory: Get Out & Us Are In The Same Shared Universe

Is The Second Family In Us Linked To Get Out?

The easy and immediate assumption is that the second family that shows up in Us are from the same organization that are responsible for the brain transplants in Get Out, having now moved into somehow duplicating desirable bodies. It's in the same sci-fi/horror wheelhouse and works as an extension of what we've already seen, creating a new layer of mystery for the characters to uncover. How does duplication work? Are they perfect clones, or something else?

What's more, this premise opens up to an even heftier exploration of "benevolent" racism. In Get Out, the desire for black bodies is based on a belief that they are superior, intersecting with a sense of entitlement – the rich white folk bidding on the bodies believe this is just proper, because they deserve access to a longer, better life, even if the life is stolen from someone else.

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In Us it appears that not only are the people being copied, the copies are then violently replacing the originals. Assuming the other family are being piloted by a well-off set of investors, they've wilfully signed up to take the original's family's lives by force, using whatever means necessary.

Is Jordan Peele's Shared Universe About Something Bigger?

There's an argument here about canon versus theme, and what carries the most impact. A mythology that holds a bunch of explicit connections could be fun and interesting, but that's also a somewhat shallow interpretation of Peele's statement about weaving together a universe. There's also a danger that fans could become more involved in piecing together the connections and evaluating consistency on a material level, rather than absorbing what the individual movies are actually saying.

Us having more than a nod to Get Out somewhere runs the danger of Peele's next movie in the universe being held up as something that will tie everything together – like Shymalan's Glass. Implicit connection, through theme, emboldens the messaging and execution of the movie as a whole and fosters more genuine analysis, as fans are less concerned with hard evidence and more about what the symbolism and representation.

And, to be frank, we don't need any more franchises; we need bold films by fearless creators like Jordan Peele who understand genre and how to tell a great, memorable story. Part of why Get Out was a hit is because it was original and came without any baggage to get in the way of its bigger ideas, and Us deserves to have its own unique identity as well.

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