Armond White Gives Get Out First Negative Review

Get Out (2017)

To say that the racially-charged horror/comedy Get Out has been a big success so far would be an understatement. The directorial debut of former Key & Peele star Jordan Peele, Get Out absolutely dominated the box office this past weekend, easily knocking The LEGO Batman Movie off of its two-week perch at #1 on the domestic charts. In the process, the film earned a healthy $30.5 million opening total, guaranteeing a big return on its relatively modest $4.5 million production budget.

One major factor that likely assisted Get Out in hauling so much cash was the film's glowing critical reviews. Get Out managed to hang on to a perfect 100% fresh score on popular review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes for far longer than even most critically acclaimed hits do, finishing its opening weekend out without that number dropping. While this doesn't necessarily mean that every critic who saw the film thought it was flawless, it does at least mean that all of said critics found more good elements within it than bad ones.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and Get Out's unblemished critical record has ended up being no different. As of today, Peele's film has now acquired its first negative review on RT, and a pretty harshly worded one at that. While that's not entirely surprising - after all, one can't please everybody - the writer of said review is sure to draw the ire of many: infamous critic Armond White.

Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams in Get Out

While White is certainly entitled to his opinion concerning films, he's steadily garnered a reputation over the years as someone who seems to enjoy being a contrarian, with some even regarding him as an outright troll. To be fair, White's notoriously cantankerous attitude when expressing his opinions doesn't really help that perception. White reviewed Get Out for conservative website The National Review, but those who have yet to see the film are advised not to read it, as he unkindly begins the piece by spoiling a major plot twist with no warning at all offered to readers.

White's reputation aside, one negative review is obviously not the end of the world for Get Out, which has already more than likely ensured that Peele will receive another crack at feature directing. The film received an A- CinemaScore, which usually indicates that a movie will have some legs at the box office. It's quite possible that Get Out could end up making what it's earned so far look small by the time it leaves theaters.

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Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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