Get Out Honest Trailer: The Stepford Whites

The Get Out honest trailer is finally here. It comes after many fans of Screen Junkies' wildly popular Honest Trailers YouTube series clamored for Jordan Peele's film to get its own fake preview. And that should come as no surprise, as Get Out has been a major success by any measure. It drew near-universal acclaim, huge profits on its tiny budget, and finally four Oscar nominations to cap a wealth of awards attention.

Even if it comes up short at the 90th Academy Awards, Get Out has already become perhaps the biggest surprise success story of 2017. Peele's surreal, multilayered thriller is as unsettling as it is twistedly funny, and the film's violence and subversive twists aren't exactly for everybody. But none of that stopped it from being up for the biggest honors of the year. And Get Out's success certainly couldn't stop it from getting an Honest Trailer.

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Screen Junkies released its latest Honest Trailers entry, giving Get Out the aptly chosen nickname "The Stepford Whites". It describes "rich white people" as a bigger threat to your survival than serial killers, demons, and evil clowns. And in Get Out, they pretty much are. Star Daniel Kaluuya, who got an Oscar nomination for his lead performance as Chris Washington, is showcased here as a "master of deflecting awkward conversations." The moments shown in the Honest Trailer are a small fraction of the weirdness Chris encounters, but it hilariously drives home one of the movie's most common details.

Daniel Kaluuya, Bradley Whitford, and Catherine Keener in Get Out

The video also grants heavy screen time to Lil Rel Howery in his scene-stealing turn as Chris' friend Rod. Fittingly enough, the trailer describes the character of Rod as "the kind of guy who yells at the screen during a horror movie." There's even a quick look at the Get Out alternate ending, in which Chris ends up getting arrested and going to prison.

Referencing Get Out's caricatures of its white characters, the Honest Trailer describes them as a satire of the stereotypical way Black characters are typically portrayed in horror movies. That is, the one who usually dies first. It also spotlights the movie's most uniquely memorable setting, the "Sunken Place," as "an evocative symbol of the marginalization of Black people in America." Overall, this Honest Trailer does justice to Get Out's best qualities while playfully poking fun at its more outrageous elements - and there are plenty of those.

To the surprise of no one, the Honest Trailer didn't hesitate to point out potential plot holes and inconsistencies, either. For instance, how in the world could Rose Armitage (Allison Williams) date so many men that go missing before someone notices something is horribly wrong? But at the end of the day, Get Out is simply a distinctive and thrilling experience whose strengths overcome any shortcomings. Honest Trailers - and the Academy - appear to agree.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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