Get Out Blu-ray Includes Deleted Scenes & Alternate Ending

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Despite losing its coveted 100 percent rating on Rotten TomatoesGet Out still remains the most critically praised film of the year so far. The horror film has been setting box office records left and right, and with its home video release just around the corner fans will be pleased to learn that the Blu-ray for the film will include several deleted scenes and an alternate ending.

The film's already become an instant classic amongst the horror community, with writer/director Jordan Peele himself joyfully talking about the film and its various themes whenever he gets the chance. Luckily, fans of the film won't have to wait much longer before they can watch it again as Get Out is set to be released on Digital HD on May 9 and Blu-ray on May 23.

EW reports on the special features, saying each of the deleted scenes come with commentary from Peele himself, in addition to a feature commentary from the director, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and a Q&A with the Peele and the film's cast, moderated by its own famous superfan, Chance the Rapper.

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An inventive horror film that's equal parts Stepford Wives and Straw DogsGet Out follows a young black man, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), as he embarks on a trip with his girlfriend (Alison Williams), on a trip to visit her parents in their predominantly white, suburban community. What initially starts out as just an awkard meeting with the parents and their friends, quickly turns sinister as Chris realizes that there may be some monstrous secrets hiding in the community, and within all of its residents.

Coming from a predominantly comedic background, and following the success of Key & Peele, many fans didn't quite know what to expect from a horror film written and directed by Peele. But it's safe to say at this point that his directorial debut has paid off, as he's emerged as one of the most sought after creators in the industry right now. So it'll be interesting to see what exactly the alternate ending of Get Out entails, considering just how well Peele manages to bring an end to the horror of the film in its theatrical cut. Based on what else has been released about the development process behind it, though, along with just the film itself, it likely promises to be just as shocking as anything else that Get Out has to offer.

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Get Out first hits Digital HD on May 9, before being released as a Blu-ray and DVD on May 23.

Source: EW

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