'Get Hard' Trailer #2: How to Make Prison Lemonade

Get Hard Trailer 2 (movie) starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell

Get Hard combines the comedy odd pair of Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell for a story about millionaire James King (Ferrell), who is facing serious prison time after being convicted for fraud. But before he goes behind bars at the infamous San Quentin prison, James hires Darnell Lewis (Hart) to be his coach on how to "get hard," - i.e., survive in the rough jungle of prison society. Only problem is... Darnell knows nothing about being hard, and is just as likely to lead James to ruin, injury, and death as he is survival.

Get Hard trailer 1 was all about selling the initial concept, and letting us see Hart and Ferrell rattle off some of their respectively familiar schticks. This second trailer does a nicer job of making the characters feel less like flat stereotypes (though stereotype impressions are part of the story) and helps them enter into the realm of being more three-dimensional and interesting.

James seems more of a good-natured man in a bad situation, whereas Darnell is a good guy playing on bad stereotypes that may land him in over his head. The trailer helps the film walk the line of echoing so many odd pair comedies that came before it, while still doing something different enough for it to feel somewhat fresh.

Get Hard Trailer 2 (movie) starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in 'Get Hard'

While we do get to see more of rapper Tip "T.I." Harris' role in the film (which plays to his strengths and persona, it seems), most of the focus is put on the hijinks that James and Darnell will get themselves involved in - and this trailer makes it look like an impressive lineup. Tropic Thunder writer Etan Cohen also looks strong making his directorial debut, as Emmy-winner Tim Suhrstedt's (Little Miss Sunshine) cinematography is noticeably vibrant and crisp.

Get Hard will be in theaters on March 27, 2015.

Source: Warner Bros.

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