Netflix's The Get Down Lands a New Preview

The Get Down Still

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Baz Luhrmann (The Great Gatsby) is all set to deliver another highly innovative musical drama production this August in the form of his Netflix original series, The Get Down, which is set to bring the summer of 1977 Brooklyn, New York to life in an entirely new way. Set in the world that gave brith to such highly original musical genres as hip-hop, punk, and disco, the thirteen episode first season stars Justice Smith (Paper Towns), Shameik Moore (Dope), and Skylan Brooks (Southpaw) in a wholly original show that promises to be Luhrmann's next big hit.

Following the recent cancellation of director Martin Scorsese and co-creator Mick Jagger's like-minded musical drama series Vinyl on HBO, The Get Down might be able to offer music fans a new program to sate their desire for television content about the roots of innovation in the music industry. On that note, the latest Netflix preview for the program paints another evocative picture of the events soon to come.

In the footage featured above, Luhrmann and company promise a vibrant, volatile, and visceral rush of a new series that should shed some light on the kind of creativity that gave birth to a few of the music industry's most enduring genres and sub-cultures. If everything continues to come together as nicely as it appears to have done so far, then Netflix subscribers will have quiet the new show to watch at their leisure later this summer.

The Get Down Still

Check out the official plot synopsis for The Get Down below:

"Summer 1977. New York City is broken down and beaten-up. Armed only with verbal games, improvised dance steps, some markers and spray cans, this rag-tag crew of South Bronx teenagers will make a pact that becomes bigger than all of them and change their lives and the world forever."

Given the collective talent involved in the making of The Get Down, Lurhmann should have no problem at all generating significant interest in his brand new musical drama from both die hard fans of his pre-existing film canon in addition to music nerds who wish to revisit the socio-cultural underpinnings of a classic era. Vinyl may have taken its final spin around the turn table, so here's to hoping that Luhrmann's brand new series to can serve to fill the hole left in the wake of Scorsese and Jagger's ill-fated original series.

Luhrmann has some making up to after releasing the critically polarizing release of his The Great Gatsby adaptation in 2013. The Get Down already looks pretty enticing, but only time will tell whether or not it will live up to its creator's past career highlights.   

The Get Down will premiere on Netflix on August 12th, 2016.

Source: Netflix

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