First Look: Gerard Butler in 'Machine Gun Preacher'

Last month, we learned that Lionsgate had acquired the distribution rights to Machine Gun Preacher, the story of ex-biker and reformed drug dealer, Sam Childers. The film, starring Gerard Butler and directed by Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace), revolves around Childers' efforts to establish an orphanage in Sudan.

Today, we have some of the first images of Gerard Butler as the ex-biker. In real life, Reverend Childers is an incredible badass. Then again, you pretty much have to be if you're job is to lead armed missions into Lord's Resistance Army territory to rescue orphans.

The images first appeared on Just Jared and, while they're not as badass as Childers' himself, they certainly give us an idea of what Butler will look like in the role.

I'm sure that Childers actually did wear leather vests (he was a biker after all) and he probably also rocked a pseudo-mullet. But, personally, seeing Gerard Butler in the same outfit doesn't inspire much confidence. Maybe when they put a machine gun in his hand, he'll look cooler.

Check out the images below.




Putting aside Gerard Butler's hair in these pictures, the premise of Machine Gun Preacher actually sounds pretty interesting. The fact that it's a true story, and that it co-stars the lovely and talented Michelle Monaghan, makes it even more appealing.

Despite his penchant for taking on ill-conceived romantic comedies, I think Gerard Butler is a pretty good actor. He does action well - though he's not just an action star. He is well-suited to play Sam Childers, and despite my lukewarm response to the photos, I'm hopeful the movie is going to turn out well.

Machine Gun Preacher is currently filming in Detroit and will then head to South Africa. The movie's anticipated release date is September 11th, 2011.

Source: Just Jared via Cinema Blend

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