Gerard Butler Is In For 300 Prequel/Sequel?

As far as we know, a second 300 movie is currently being worked on by Frank Miller, the creator and artist of the original 300 graphic novel. After the amazing success of the rated-R film back in 2007, it's no wonder they want to pump out another one. Miller is interested, producer Marc Canton is interested and most importantly, Director Zack Snyder is interested... But only if Miller makes a graphic novel for it first.

The major question surrounding the project however, is when it would take place and who would it be about. Well, Gerard Butler is certainly interested in returning if it happens...

Just over a year ago at a Warner Brothers presentation for Watchmen, Zack Snyder revealed that the next movie would take place "between the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Plataea," the latter of which is where the first film ended off with Dilios, the one-eyed narrator (David Wenham), leading the Greeks into battle.

The obvious assumption is that it would take place where the first film left off with Dilios or someone else narrating about battles that took place before the events of 300.

I don't know about you but when I first started seeing the promo material for 300, it was marketed as a visually epic action film with insane fight sequences. That's what I wanted to see, that's what I did see, that's what I loved about it and I didn't have to look deep into it for other reasons.

So on that note, when we hear news updates on a second 300 film, I personally get excited while some think the first should act as a standalone.

MTV spoke with Gerard Butler, whose new movie Law Abiding Citizen debuts October 16th, and they touched on the prospect of King Leonidas returning.

“I had an incredible time doing the first one, and I think that if the first one was a stand-alone, as a one-off, there’s no bad thing in that... But, you know, let’s see what it might bring forward with a second one.”

He also clarified by saying that he doesn't know how "real" the project is at the moment but if it all comes to fruition, we'll likely get the chance to see our favorite Herculean warriors on screen again to tear it up, Spartan style. Gerard Butler, David Wehnham, Vincent Regan, Michael Fassbender, Lena Headey - bring them all back!

We can also expect to see the same aesthetic of the first movie which Snyder said he will preserve, but the second project will definitely be much larger in scale, with more epic landscapes of Greece, including Athens and the Aegean. The same green screen tech and methodology will be employed for the next movie to keep that same look and to keep costs low.

Are you excited to see more intense Spartan action in a sequel/prequel to 300?

Source: MTV

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