Gerald's Game Trailer: Netflix Gets Its Own Stephen King Movie

Netflix's movie adaptation of Stephen King's Gerald's Game has gotten a full trailer. Gerald's Game is but one in a recent onslaught of King-based movies and TV shows, the centerpiece of which is no doubt IT, which finally hits theaters this weekend. A widely panned adaptation of The Dark Tower also came out in August, while a TV version of The Mist just wrapped up its first season, and a TV series based on Mr. Mercedes is currently airing to critical acclaim. Hulu is also prepping Castle Rock, an original series set within the Stephen King multiverse.

First published by King in 1992, Gerald's Game's basic premise is a fairly simple one. A married couple have recently taken to spicing up their sex life through kinky handcuff bondage, and are set to get it on at a secluded mountain cabin that they've come to in order to have a romantic day together. Unfortunately, husband Gerald gets too aggressive and forceful for wife Jessie's liking, and when he ignores her protests, she physically fights him off. As if that weren't bad enough, Gerald then has a heart attack and dies, leaving his wife handcuffed to the bed.

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Unable to escape and too far away from anyone to realistically hope for rescue, Jessie's mind begins to crack, leading her to hallucinate various apparitions. On a base level, Gerald's Game is somewhat similar to Misery, in that it features a protagonist trapped in a small room with little hope of survival and little freedom of movement. Gerald's Game has its own twists to discover though, as readers and soon viewers will find out. Based on the newly released trailer above for the Netflix film iteration, it looks like King's prose is being adapted fairly faithfully.

Gerald's Game stars Carla Gugino (Watchmen) as the seemingly hopelessly-trapped Jessie Burlingame and Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek) as her soon to be deceased husband Gerald. Making Gerald's Game especially interesting to horror diehards is the presence of Mike Flanagan as director, a rising star within the genre.

Beginning with his 2011 indie breakout Absentia, Flanagan has carved out an impressive path forward into Hollywood, helming the mostly well-received haunted mirror flick Oculus, the critically acclaimed home invasion effort Hush, and the surprisingly improved prequel Ouija: Origin of Evil. Gerald's Game actually won't be the only Stephen King movie to grace Netflix this fall, as an adaptation of the short story 1922 - starring Thomas Jane - is also premiering through the streaming service.

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Key Release Dates
  • Gerald's Game (2017) release date: Sep 29, 2017
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