Stephen King Shares A New Gerald's Game Poster

Stephen King has shared a poster for Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Gerald’s Game, which is set to debut at the end of the month. King’s fans are living in something of a golden era right now, with numerous high-profile film and television adaptations of his work being released in 2017 alone.

IT has received acclaim from both fans and critics and is currently breaking box office records. The long-awaited movie version of The Dark Tower finally reached the big screen after years of delays and development hell - though judging by the reviews and box-office it failed to meet expectations. The Mist and Mr Mercedes both aired on television, and the J.J. Abrams produced Castle Rock – which takes place in King’s fictional Maine town – looks set to become a hit when it launches in 2018.

The good times just keep on rolling, with Stephen King taking to his Twitter account to debut the poster for the highly anticipated Gerald’s Game. The book’s simple premise finds a couple trying to spice up their failing marriage with a kinky sex game, though things go horribly wrong when the husband dies of heart failure, and his wife is left tied to the bed with no hope of help coming. The film stars Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood as the couple.

The book was considered almost unfilmable by many because of the psychological nature of the story, but Stephen King megafan Mike Flanagan appears to have found a way. The director has made a name for himself in the horror genre in the last few years thanks to Oculus, Hush and Ouija: Origin Of Evil – the acclaimed prequel to a film nobody even liked. The author himself has lavished praise on Gerald’s Game, stating in a tweet “Saw a rough cut of Mike Flanagan's GERALD'S GAME yesterday. Horrifying, hypnotic, terrific. It's gonna freak you out.”

Thanks to the success of IT, it appears audiences will be seeing a lot more of King’s work in the years ahead, and Netflix is also debuting their film version of 1922 in October, which is based on one of the author’s tales from the novella collection Full Dark, No Stars. Like Gerald’s Game, King was also impressed with that adaptation, dubbing it “super creepy!” King is also working to reclaim the rights to some of his most famous books, including Cujo, Children Of The Corn, Firestarter, Cat’s Eye, The Dead Zone and Firestarter, hinting the author may have some major plans in store for his back catalogue.

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  • Gerald's Game (2017) release date: Sep 29, 2017
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