George Takei Starring In... Ninja Cheerleaders?

I had to almost literally do a double take when I spotted George Takei in a trailer for the remake of Cheerleader Ninjas called... Ninja Cheerleaders.

I guess they didn't want people to confuse the two movies. :-)

Anyway, I read a blog called Movie Marketing Madness and they had a post about this movie that looks like it cost about $50K to produce. I'm not even going to post the trailer here, but if you're interested you can see the trailer over on their site. It's total schlock and I have no doubt it's a direct to video/DVD movie in the vein of a grindhouse flick.

It looks really awful, which I suppose is the point... but why in God's name is George Takei in this thing? As if you don't know, George is best known for playing Sulu in Star Trek. I thought the man was coming back with some class with his recent appearances on NBC's awesome TV series Heroes, but what is he doing in this?

George, if you're out there, please tell us what was going on in your head? I can only assume this was shot BEFORE you were offered that role on Heroes.

Right? RIGHT?

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