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George A. Romero is greatly considered to be the father of all things zombie related when it comes to movies. Going all the way back to his first masterpiece in zombie horror, Night of the Living Dead, in 1968, Romero has consistently delivered entertaining, although sometimes lackluster, zombie films. Any and all directors, writers or special effects people working on a zombie film will tell you that he is the major, if not only, influence behind their work.

His latest zombie movie attempt is Survival of the Dead and it's being touted as the next chapter in his “legendary saga” of zombie films: Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead. Does this mean Survival of the Dead could very well be his last zombie film? Some how I doubt the 70 year old writer/director is ready to put his brain eating pals behind him.

Last year we got our first look at some Survival of the Dead clips and they should off Romero’s “humorous” side and today we have the first full length trailer of the film. It shows off his love of pulling out people's innards and making them a delectable treat for some slow moving zombie. There are several scenes in this trailer that made me go “Ewwww” which just means I’m probably going to enjoy it. Watch it below and see if you go “Ewwww!” as well: (watch for the quick scene at 1:23)

Here is the official synopsis of the film:

Off the coast of Delaware sits the cozy Plum Island where two families are locked in a struggle for power, as it has been for generations. The O'Flynn's, headed by patriarch Patrick O'Flynn (Kenneth Welsh) approach the zombie plague with a shoot-to-kill attitude. The Muldoons, headed by Shamus Muldoon (Richard Fitzpatrick), feel that the zombies should be quarantined and kept 'alive,' in hopes that a solution will someday be found. The O'Flynn's, who are clearly outnumbered, are forced to exile Patrick by boat to the mainland, where he meets up with a cynical band of soldiers, headed by Guardsman Sarge (Alan Van Sprang). They join forces and return to the island, to find that the zombie plague has fully gripped the divided community, and the body count is rising.

Survival of the Dead stars a bunch of people you’ve most likely never heard of but here they are anyway: Alan Van Sprang, Kathleen Munroe, Devon Bostick, Richard Fitzpatrick, Athena Karkanis and Stefano DiMatteo. Honestly, are you going to watch this film because of the actors? I don’t think so. We want zombies, brains, guts and grotesque humor, in that order.

Survival of the Dead’s early release date on VOD, Amazon, PlayStation and Xbox Live is the only thing that really concerns me. That seems to be a sure fire reason that a movie may not be all that good when the studio is letting viewers watch it almost a month early. The Mutant Chronicles did the same thing last year and it never even made it to its official theatrical release date. For now, enjoy the images gallery below:

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We’ll just have to hope that this isn’t the case for Survival of the Dead. What are your thoughts on the new trailer and will you watch it on VOD or the theater?

Survival of the Dead hits VOD April 30th, 2010 and wants to eat your brains may 28th, 2010.

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