SR Pick: 'George Lucas Strikes Back'

At this point, taking shots at the Star Wars prequels is a bit like kicking someone when they're already down. We all know they were terrible and we're all extremely well-versed in the reasons they were such a crushing disappointment (at least most of us are).

Rather than regurgitate the same old list of complaints, Bridge Stuart & Mike Litzenberg have channeled their resentment towards fanboy scourge George Lucas in a rather clever and sardonic way. The pair have created a trailer for a fake film titled George Lucas Strikes Back that offers another explanation for what went so horribly wrong with Episodes I, II, and III.

The trailer purports that after the completion of the original Star Wars trilogy and the success of the Indiana Jones films, Lucas was kidnapped and locked away while an impostor set out to deface his good name and squander all the good will that his movies had earned. He watches helplessly as the Star Wars Special Editions, prequel trilogy, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are unleashed upon unsuspecting audiences and hatches a plan to escape his confines and exact revenge.

The production value is fairly high and the trailer is chock-full of familiar faces and witty references. We may never fully come to terms with the unmitigated letdown of the prequels, but George Lucas Strikes Back provides a humorous and playful bit of wish fulfillment.

Check it out below:


Right from the green band graphic, I knew this was going to be great. Between Darth Maul & the Clone Troopers on a coke binge, the Oldboy reference, the reveal of Jar-Jar Binks, and that final one-liner - this is appropriately droll, and let's face it - slightly cathartic.

Kudos to Stuart, Litzenberg, their cast, and crew for producing something so inventive and entertaining. They're not the first to imply that the George Lucas of today is not the same man we grew up with, but they might be the first to suggest that he's literally a different person.

Dragging the prequels through the mud is still pretty passé at this point, but what makes George Lucas Strikes Back so successful is that it manages to find a fresh and funny way to poke fun at The Bearded One while also serving as a love-letter to the polarizing filmmaker's earlier work.

Source: YouTube.

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