George Lucas Says "Fans Would Have Hated" His Star Wars Sequels

George Lucas thinks his abandoned plans for Star Wars Episodes VII-IX wouldn't have gone down well with fans. Despite creating beloved franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Lucas has become a divisive figure in popular culture. This began in earnest with Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace; anticipation for this prequel was sky high in 1999, but despite featuring some groundbreaking effects, it was roundly lambasted for a dull story, stilted acting and for unleashing the horrors of Jar Jar Binks upon the world.

Lucas' other Star Wars prequel movies would also meet a mixed response, as did his repeated meddling with the original trilogy, such as the infamous Greedo shoots first change to A New Hope. Lucas has all but retired from filmmaking at this stage, and sold the Star Wars franchise and Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012. Lucas actually had plans for a new Star Wars trilogy before this, but once he sold the rights, Disney opted not to use his story concepts.

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Disney's Star Wars movies have been met with a mixed reaction so far, with the latest entry – Solo: A Star Ways Story – becoming the first bonafide bomb of the franchise. Very little of Lucas' ideas for the sequel trilogy have been revealed, but during a new interview in the companion book for AMC's James Cameron's Story Of Science Fiction TV series (via Livio Ramondelli), the creator reveals a new race of creatures dubbed The Whills would have played a key role in the plot.

Lucas goes on to say fans would almost certainly have hated the idea, but that it would have completed his take on the story. Lucas has – by choice – little creative input in the Disney Star Wars movies, and has openly criticized the movies for leaning on nostalgia, instead of bringing viewers into new worlds. His concept for the new trilogy sounds way different from the route Disney has since taken the series, and while it may not have worked, it sure would have made for spirited conversation among the fanbase had it happened.

It will be interesting to see where the Star Wars series goes in light of Solo's failure. There are several planned movies beyond J.J. Abrams Star Wars: Episode IX, including a new trilogy from Rian Johnson (The Last Jedi). That said, a rumor suggests Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy may be about to step down, so the franchise may well head off in a new direction instead.

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Source: James Cameron's Story Of Science Fiction (via Livio Ramondelli)

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