Why George Lucas Matters to Legends of Tomorrow 

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There is no denying the influence George Lucas has had on the history of film. While he is most often a producer, he's best known for the movies he has also written, and sometimes directed. Without Lucas, there would be no Star Wars franchise, and no Indiana Jones movies. He's also been instrumental in the early days of several careers, including Harrison Ford and Warwick Davis. Not to mention his frequent collaborations with Stephen Spielberg. He can be divisive at times, fans have had a lot to say about the edits he has made to the Star Wars films over the years as well as some of his later films, including the prequel trilogy and  Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Lucas has, for better or worse, played a huge role in contemporary entertainment.

Meanwhile, on the time travel show Legends of Tomorrow audiences have gotten to visit numerous historical figures and time periods. Most recently in 'The Chicago Way' they met up with gangster Al Capone and the man who took him down, Eliot Ness. Now they are headed to 1960s Hollywood to meet a pre-fame George Lucas. Only if the legends don't help, Lucas might not ever be famous at all.

Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim spoke to IGN about why Lucas is the subject fo the lastest time aberration, and how big an influence he has been on the heroes in this world.

Legends of Tomorrow: Raiders of the Lost Art - Team

"One of the writers had pitched out the idea that well, you know, if George Lucas never makes his movies, what if then Nate was never inspired to be a historian because there was no Raiders of the Lost Ark? And Ray was never inspired to become an engineer because there was no Star Wars. Once we had that piece, we knew we had something exciting because it didn't become about George Lucas anymore, it became centered around our characters. That's always when we know we've got a good story is when there's something fun or interesting to be done with our characters.”

Both Ray and Nate are geniuses in their fields. Ray's engineering abilities are the reason he's a hero, since he was able to build himself a super suit. They are also the reason Nate is a hero, Ray worked on the serum that allows Nate's body to turn to solid steel. And Nate's historical knowledge has been amazingly useful to the team. Without the education they have had in those fields, they might be liabilities to the Legends instead of assets.

So if Lucas never made the movies that sparked their interest, the team would be two men down. And that's when they are already short one other man, Rip Hunter, who they are trying to rescue. Some might question why a young George Lucas features so prominently in a new episode of a DC Comics TV show, and now you know why.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues Tuesday with 'Raiders of the Lost Art' at 9pm on The CW.

Source: IGN

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